Natural Cure For High Cholesterol

High CholesterolHigh cholesterol is the very common problem not only among the adults but also among the youngsters. The main reason behind this is the unhealthy eating habits and lack of workout which is very much required for fitness.

High cholesterol is the one of the reason of increasing heart diseases in today’s era and needs special care. You can take various precautionary measures whether medicated or natural in order to control this problem.

How To Cure High Cholesterol Naturally

There are various natural cures available for controlling high cholesterol. The main feature of these cures is that they don’t have any side-effects. Some of them are:


Garlic being an ingredient used to cook food can be found very easily in your kitchens. It has been proved as an effective ingredient having properties of lowering cholesterol.


You don’t have to directly eat it instead you can add it while cooking vegetables and can also prepare its pickle. Everyday consumption of garlic proves to be very effective in controlling and reducing cholesterol level of your body.

Red Yeast Rice

Many of you may use rice in your daily meal. And in order to reduce cholesterol you should go for Red Yeast Rice instead of plain rice. The main reason behind this is that it contains natural effects like lovastatin.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Apart from all these you can also take green day instead of simple tea, because green tea has herbal effects in it that helps in reducing cholesterol level naturally.

Vitamin B

The main nutrient that you should take in your daily diet is Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps in lowering the cholesterol level in your body. The main ingredients that you can take in your everyday meal are sprouts, organic cheese, raw cow’s milk, fish, fruits like peach, pineapple, grapes and so forth. In fact grape seed extracts are very effective in reducing overall cholesterol serum level of your body.


You can have it from fiber supplements and from various foods like grains and vegetables. The main function of these fibers is to bind the cholesterol in your small intestine and prevents its absorption by the bloodstream. It will directly have the positive effect for your heart by preventing transmission of cholesterol through blood.

Carnitine Rich Food

Carnitine which is found in almost all cells of the body is derivative of the amino acid.

Carnitine Rich Food

They help in burning fat and increase your energy level. Some of the food ingredients that are rich in Carnitine are milk, cold fish, cheese, ice cream, wheat bread and so forth.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is very important to maintain overall fitness level. You should opt for exercises that involve cardiovascular muscles most. You can go for everyday walk, jogging, swimming, cycling and other simple exercises. This not only reduces the fat and cholesterol level from your body but also keeps you active for the whole day.

Avoid junk food and Aerated Drinks

Another way to cure cholesterol is to avoid junk food and aerated drinks as much as you can. These are the main reason of increasing cholesterol and obesity among today’s generation which directly results in heart problems.

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