Natural Cure For Osteoporosis

OsteoporosisOsteoporosis is the disorder in bones that results in bone loss at an early age. The main cause behind this is the unhealthy eating habits and hormonal imbalances in some cases.

As we all say that prevention is better than cure but no one among you follow this. Thus, there are various natural treatments are available that you can opt for in order to have early recovery from such disorders.

How To Cure Osteoporosis Naturally

Almond milk

Along with other dairy products you can also go for calcium rich almond milk. This is among the best and easily made natural home remedies to cure Osteoporosis. You can prepare it by soaking almonds for some time in water. After that peel it and blend with the milk and drink this milk at least once a day.


In order to abate the risk of Osteoporosis you should take at least a teaspoon of honey as a part of your daily meal.

honey for Osteoporosis

It is one of the simplest natural cures for Osteoporosis that will be easily available at your home.

Soy Products

Hormonal imbalance is also an important concern with regard to Osteoporosis and it is very common among the women. It results in slight and steady bone loss. So in order to cure it you should take some amount of soy products in your daily diet. It helps to maintain a balanced level of estrogen in your body

Vitamin K

Food rich in Vitamin K has proven to be one of the best remedy against Osteoporosis. So you must increase the intake of Vitamin K enriched food in your daily life.

Food rich in Vitamin K

The foods that will be rich in these ingredients are green leafy vegetables like spinach, turnip greens, collards and so forth. Apart from this you should also avoid intake of meat from your diet as it reduces calcium from your body.


Magnesium is the essential mineral that is required by our body in order to build normal muscle and strong bones along with a healthy immune system. It plays a very crucial role in the condition of Osteoporosis.

There are various   foods that have a rich quantity of manganese like bran, dried herbs, sunflower seeds, almonds and nuts, pineapple and so forth.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also one of the nutrients to provide a natural cure for Osteoporosis. The main source of Vitamin D is the direct exposure to the sunlight. But make sure not to have the excessive exposure.

Vitamin D food

Vitamin D will help you to store calcium in the bones that is very essential part of the bones.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoke

In order to maintain healthy bones you should avoid intake of alcohol and smoke as much as you can. This is because higher dosage of these acidic intakes will twitch out calcium from your bones and resulting in weak and delicate bones.

Weight Bearing Exercise

In order to have muscular strength and healthy bones you can also opt for regular weight bearing exercise. These exercises will help in encouraging your body to build healthy bones that will be less prone to fractures.

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