Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes

Women experience many symptoms during menopause, out of which hot flashes is the most uncomfortable symptom. This is because, the less progesterone and estrogen produced during this period makes the brain to confuse between coldness and hotness and this causes the blood vessels to dilate and contract in an unpredictable basis.


This makes the women feel a flush on the face, chest and neck along with heat waves. The upper body parts then begin to sweat profusely. There are many drugs available to control the hot flashes, but most of them have associated side effects. There are many beneficial and effective remedies for hot flashes such as herbs that have little or no side effects if used properly.

Usually plants that cool the body such as elder, chickweed or plants that increase the oxygen utilization in liver like yellow dock, dandelion, dong quai and plants enriched with phytosterols such as black cohosh are beneficial for hot flashes treatment.

Herbal Remedies for Hot Flashes

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is considered to be one of the effective remedies for hot flashes and was used widely for curing this condition for many years. Black cohosh has to be taken daily at the recommended dose of one tablet or one teaspoon of black cohosh tincture at night.

It reduces the hot flashes by reducing the vascular effects and also reduces the LH hormone levels in the body. Thus, black cohosh is considered to have significant estrogenic effect. Hence, black cohosh should not be used if you have excessive bleeding or if you are on estrogen supplements.

Black cohosh

Dong Quai

Dong quai is an ideal herb for controlling menstrual problems. Dong quai contain ingredients that can dilate blood vessels and also stimulate the uterine muscles and help them to relax.

Dong quai also helps to reduce the emotional as well as mental depressions, which are associated with menopause. The estrogenic effect as well as the ability for stabilization of blood vessels helps dong quai to provide relief from hot flashes. The dried roots of dong quai are used for making liquid, powder as well as tablet preparations.

Dong quai

Licorice Root

Licorice roots are a powerful drug that can reduce hot flashes effectively. The active ingredient in licorice roots is glycyrrhizin that reduce many female disorders. The steroid component in licorice root can change in to estrogen precursors like estrone and estradiol and thus provides mild estrogenic effect.

Moreover, glycyrrhizin can regulate the metabolism of estrogen. Moreover, when estrogen levels are high in the body, glycyrrhizin inhibits estrogen action however, when estrogen levels are very low, glycyrrhizin enhances the estrogen level. Thus, licorice roots play a major role in regulating the hot flashes.
Licorice roots

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Chaste Berry

Chaste berry which is otherwise called vitex have pituitary regulating properties and is beneficial for controlling hot flashes. Chaste berry lowers the estrogen level in the body and enhances the progesterone levels; thereby strengthening the vaginal walls as well as bones.

Chaste berry raises progesterone and LH while inhibiting the prolactin and FSH. Chaste berry also contains micronutrients, glycosides and flavonoids, but lacks phytosterols, hence is a slow acting herbal remedy. In order to get proper result, patients should continue the usage of this herb for two to three months.

Similarly mugwort, goldenseal, white willow and white peony are beneficial for treating hot flashes. Besides taking herbal remedies, patients should eat and drink properly and should discontinue smoking and consumption of alcohol. Also reduce the stress and keep yourself cool and composed to get rid of the hot flashes.

Chaste berry

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