Top 9 Symptoms Of Menopause

Top 9 Symptoms Of Menopause Menopause is cause of hormonal changes in the female reproductive system. Such changes often commence when women are in their 40’s when they experience fluctuating hormone levels, this phase is termed as perimenopause.

70% women are affected with menopausal symptoms which last till their mid 50’s, however, some women experience these symptoms their entire life.
Some of the most common symptoms of menopause consist of:

Top 9 Symptoms Of Menopause

Hot Flushes

Decrease in the supply of the estrogen hormone, causes a sensation of heat to spread over the body that creates perceptible flush and redness on the face and also the upper body. This is one of the most widespread sign of menopause and 80% women across the world experience hot flushes.

Night Sweats

Also termed as “nocturnal hyperhidrosis”, this is a perspiration disorder that women experience while they are sleeping. Night sweats can be more intense as compared to hot flushes.

Irregular Periods

Women in their 40’s experiencing irregular periods is an indication of menopause. Delay in the menstrual cycle or frequent periods, heavy bleeding then followed by a month of scanty bleeding, these are all symptoms of menopause caused due to decrease in the production of estrogen.

Vaginal Dryness

Dryness in the vaginal tissues due to a drop in the level of estrogen causing itching and irritation is another symptom of menopause. Vaginal dryness makes sex uncomfortable and can also make women prone to infections.

Mood Swings

Frequent and mood swings and a tendency of being over emotional, similar to experiencing a premenstrual syndrome but far more intense can be due to the onset of menopause. It is advisable for women experiencing drastic mood swings to consult their doctor as it may impact their relationships and daily life.


Feeling of tiredness, low energy and weakness all are common indicators of menopause. Drastic fatigue can lead to stress and also other complications. Therefore, women experiencing such symptoms should consult their doctor for treatment and medication.

Hair Loss

This is possibly the first symptom of menopause women notice. Hair loss is also result of low estrogen level in the body. Gradual or sudden hair loss, thinning of hair and dryness of the scalp are menopausal symptoms.
Menopause Sleep Disorders

It is a possibility that women in their early 40’s experiencing sleepless nights, insomnia are experience the symptoms of menopause. This could be a result of hot flushes or night sweats as well. However, since a good night’s rest is essential women should consult their physician for advice.


Feeling of lightheadedness, inability to maintain balance and black outs are all symptoms of menopause. However, these symptoms should not be taken lightly could also be some other illness, therefore, consulting a doctor is essential.

Weight Gain during Menopause

Due to changes in the hormone levels the fat in the body is redistributed causing an increase in body weight. Though there are contrasting views on weight gain being associated with menopause, studies and medical research reveal that fluctuation in hormonal levels contribute to an increase in weight for some women.

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