7 Best Natural Treatments For Menopause

menopause treatmentEvery woman on earth has to go through menopause. This is the rule of nature and cannot be changed or tampered with whatsoever. For this reason the imperfections and difficulties associated with menopause have to be borne by all women.

With menopause, a woman’s monthly cycle comes to an end. She can no longer reproduce as there is no maturity of eggs in her uterus. But unfortunately, menopause is not a fairytale ending to years of reproduction. It comes with its unique set of symptoms which are bitter to the core. A lot of hormonal changes in the body result in overall imbalance in the body.

Coming to the topic of menopausal symptoms, there are quite a lot of them that are very daunting to a woman who is going through middle age blues. A few of the most troubling ones are hot flashes, headaches, palpitations of the heart, night sweats and sleeplessness. Many suffer as they believe that here is no known cure for these symptoms and hence suffer without any reason.

Natural treatments for menopause help many women sail through the difficulties of menopause with ease. Home remedies give such a welcome relief from almost all the symptoms of menopause.

Natural Treatments For Menopause

Menopause manifests itself with a number of symptoms.

1. Treating Menopause With Nutrients

Menopause is the time when one is faced with deficiency of calcium as a result of hormone imbalance.  Once you reach menopause, you should immediately up the intake of calcium in the diet and through adequate supplements. 2 grams of calcium that is required for a menopausal woman can be got through drinking a liter of milk every day.

Along with that, vitamin D is also essential in facilitating proper absorption of calcium in the body. Including 1000 mg of vitamin D and half the amount of magnesium will complete the major dietary requirement of a woman to keep away from osteoporosis.

2. Treating Symptoms Of Menopause Using Carrot Seeds

Carrot seeds have been used for treating sexual dysfunctions problems in men and women. They are also wonderfully beneficial for menopausal women. Take a teaspoon of carrot seeds and add it to one glass of milk. Boil it in low flame for about 10 minutes. Take this milk every day to set aside the symptoms of menopause and emerge rejuvenated and feeling young.

3. Beet Juices Are Good For Treating Menopause Symptoms

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Many women have to adapt to synthetic hormones after menopause. Hormone replacement therapy can create dangerous side effects and make you prone to even hormone related cancers. Having beet juices not only do away with all the risks associated with hormone therapies, but also help in keeping all your bodily problems at bay.

4. Relaxation Techniques For Coping With Menopause

Relaxation techniques are good for symptoms like hot flashes and panic attacks associated with menopause. Simple exercises can do wonder in relieving these symptoms and facilitating greater strength.

For a start, you can lie on the floor and leave your eyes closed. Leave your mind completely blank as you count slowly till ten. Now go backwards from ten and reach one. Repeat this exercise to calm your mind in an instant.

Another relaxation exercise is to inhale and exhale while you hold the breath. Inhale slowly until you count till 5 by sitting in a comfortable position. Hold for 5 seconds. Now exhale by counting till 5 and hold for another 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise several times.

A deep breathing exercise you can try once you are comfortable with the inhaling process is to inhale slowly until you count till 5. Hold till you count four and exhale until you count 8 or more depending on your capacity. The idea is to always exhale more than you inhale in order to keep the bad air out of your lungs.

5. Natural Treatments For Hot Flashes Due To Menopause

Hot flashes are a very common symptom associated with menopause. This is caused due to reduced hormone levels in the body due to menopause. The symptoms include sweating, cold or chill even during hot climate etc. Vitamin E supplements are known to reduce the symptoms of hot flashes in women. Talk to your doctor about its safety, especially if you are on some other medication.

Herbal teas which contain sarsaparilla and black cohosh can be made with eight ounces of water for great relief from hot flashes.

6. Jasmine and Primrose For Treatment Of Menopausal Insomnia

Menopause is the time when many women find it extremely difficult to sleep. This could be due to the various symptoms that crop up in the night that disturbs their sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to other problems and irritability, tiredness, concentration problems and mood swings.

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Jasmine tea is found to relieve menopausal insomnia and provide a lot of relief for women who have just undergone menopause. Serotonin which is present in jasmine tea helps in inducing sleep. Other foods like bananas and chicken too have serotonin that can help menopausal women to sleep well. These foods can be included in their diet in abundance.

Evening Primrose too can reduce insomnia and help women bust menopausal symptoms. They can be bought in capsule form and can be taken from 2-8 capsules with the advice of a doctor.

7. Treating Symptoms Of Night Sweats Associated With Menopause

One of the commonest problems associated with menopause that results in insomnia is night sweats. It normally follows an episode of hot flashes. Night flashes can be so severe that you will need a change of clothes due to excessive sweating.

Motherwort can be used for treating night sweats. Take 15 drops of motherwort along with a few gulps of water when you wake up with a terrible night sweat. Another effective natural treatment that can offer a permanent remedy to night sweats is the use of chaste berry. Using chaste berry will slowly remove the episodes of night sweats and finally after a year of frequent use, night sweats will be effectively removed from your system.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.