16 Amazing Uses And Health Benefits Of Raspberry Vinegar

Health Benefits Of Raspberry Vinegar

Raspberry vinegar is extracted and made from the raspberry fruit. What makes this unique is that it is made completely from a fruit base like Apple cider vinegar and hence has a lot of hence benefits. You too can enjoy the many benefits of this vinegar by including the same in your diet. It is good for both external and internal consumption so here’s how to make the most of this amazing ingredient.

Here Are The Health Benefits Of Raspberry Vinegar:

Weight Loss

Drink one spoon of raspberry vinegar mixed with luke warm water on an everyday basis. The vinegar is known to melt fat in the body and triggers off faster metabolism too, thus aiding you in weight loss along with fat loss.

Faulty weight loss programs


You can also mix 1-2 spoons of the raspberry vinegar in plain warm water and drink on empty stomach. Doing so cleanses the stomach and also detoxifies the system. Hence it is perfect to get rid of all kinds of toxins from the body.

Detoxify Liver

Healthy Salad Dressing

Just ditch your regular old vinegar that is made from synthetic ingredients and make use of raspberry vinegar. It is a great salad dressing that is really low on fat too. Just whip it up with some garlic and olive oil to get a healthy salad dressing.

Healthy Salad Dressing

As An Antioxidant

The raspberry vinegar is great for helping you look and stay younger. It can be consumed on an everyday basis to get a fair share of antioxidants, which help your skin stay younger and get rid of wrinkles too.

As An Antioxidant

Fights Cancer

Since this vinegar is made from the extracts of the pure fruit, it has immense benefits of fighting free radicals, which cause cancer. Regular consumption of this vinegar helps in fighting different kinds of cancer, especially stomach and liver.

Prevents Cancer

For Sore Throat

Are you suffering from a bad and itchy throat that is constantly bothering you, then simply use raspberry vinegar. Mixing up 2 spoons of ginger juice with one spoon of honey and 2-3 spoons of raspberry vinegar is a proven remedy for sore throats. Drink one spoon 2-3 times a day.

Sore Throat

For Hair Shine

Just take a 2-3 spoons of the raspberry vinegar and add it to a cup or mug of water. Then use this water to rinse your hair after shampooing. Doing so helps you in getting lustrous and shiny hair, with a gorgeous smell of the raspberry fruit.

Natural Hair Conditioner

For Treating Dandruff

Take a bowl of the raspberry vinegar and some cotton balls. Now apply the vinegar all over the scalp, especially on the flaky and dry areas. Then rinse it off after some time. See your dandruff go away in no time.

Eliminating Dandruff

Whitening The Teeth

Just take a spoon of this vinegar and apply it all over the teeth, rubbing the same with your finger. Alternatively, you can also mix some baking soda to the raspberry vinegar and then use it as a paste for getting rid of stains on the teeth and getting whiter teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth

As A Mouth Rinse

Just take 2-3 spoons of the raspberry vinegar and mix it up with 1/2 cup of luke warm water. Add a drop or 2 of clove oil to the same. Then rinse the mouth using this wash and see bad breath go away along with fighting germs too.

Rinse your mouth

For Getting Rid of Acne

Just take the raspberry vinegar in a bowl and dab the same on the areas where you get acne the most. You can also dilute it with some water and then wipe the face with it, twice a day. It can also be mixed with other ingredients and used in a face pack for oily skin.

acne prone skin

Soothing Sunburn

The raspberry vinegar is high on vitamins, thanks to the natural fruit in it. For soothing sunburn, dilute the vinegar in some water and apply. You can also add 2 cups of the vinegar to your bath and soak in it for 20 minutes to get rid of sun burn and tanning too.

Heals Sunburns (3)

Fights Indigestion

If you are suffering from acid reflux or any kind of digestion issues, then drink up 3-4 spoons of the raspberry vinegar mixed with some warm water. Do this twice a day. The acidity in the fruit, balances the pH levels of the body and fights digestion problems.

Aids Digestion

Fights Yeast Infection

If you are suffering from any kind of yeast infection, then simply cleanse the area with diluted raspberry vinegar. The natural acids in the vinegar not only clean the system but prevent the fungus from coming back.

Breaks Down Mucous

If you are suffering from a bad cold and want some relief, then drink at least 1 spoon of the raspberry vinegar in raw form, 2-3 times a day. Doing so breaks down the mucous and helps you in breathing better, while fighting signs of cold too.

Breaks Down Mucous

For Treating Insect/ Bug Bites

Just wipe the area that has been bitten or infected with raspberry vinegar. Doing so helps to contain the venom, while treating the infection too. It may sting a bit but surely heals the wound much faster and avoids infection in the area.

Scorpion & Bee Bites

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