Essential Vitamins For Children

Vitamins For ChildrenVitamins are essentially organic compounds being made up of carbon which are required by the human body in order to sustain life. Human body cannot always produce all the vitamins needed in-situ for the proper functioning of every organ.

Balanced ingestion of vitamins is required for our body to work properly and these vitamins are available from a balanced diet. There are mainly two categories in which vitamins can be segregated namely:fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. There are thirteen types of vitamins known to us till date. There are mainly six types of vitamins, which can be prescribed as vitamins for children.

Vitamins For Children


Vitamin A is a significant component which should be included in a diet for children. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and it goes by the chemical name of Retinol. It is known to affect vision, and a proper quantity allows the essential carotenoid requirements for clear vision.

Vitamin A


Perpetual deficiency of this t vitamin causes damage to the human eye. The various common sources for obtaining the vitamin are Cod-liver oils, carrot, broccoli,milk,cheese, sweet potato, butter, pumpkin and spinach, collard greens,


Vitamin B is mainly of eight types commonly known, namely, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12. Vitamin B ensures strengthening of the blood constitution, bones and nerves of our body. Intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables helps in providing the essential supplement.


Vitamin C is chemically called ascorbic acid. It is a useful and one of the main kinds of vitamins which are required by the children in large amounts.It is a water soluble vitamin and its deficiency mainly causes megaloblastic-anaemia.

vitamin c


Our liver itself produces vitamin C but the quantity of its production is not sufficient. Intake of fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamin C for infants.


Vitamin E is chemically known as Tocopherols or Tocotrienols. Its deficiency causes anemia in newborns. Intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains are important sources for the reduction of deficiency of this vitamin in infants. It ensures proper blood erythrocyte level in the marrow of children.

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The chemical name of Vitamin D is Calciferol. There are two types of Vitamin D namely,chole-calciferol and the ergocalciferol. It is a fat soluble vitamin. If deficiency of vitamin D occurs in children then they can suffer from rickets and osteomalacia which are two most severe diseases regarding to bones of the body.

vitamin d


It is mainly found in fishes, eggs and mushrooms. A proper intake of these can reduce deficiency of this vitamin.Vitamin D is also generated in the body of infants from adequate exposure to sunlight and the ultraviolet B-lights from the artificial light sources.


It is chemically known as phylloquinone ormenaquinones. It is a fat soluble vitamin and its deficiency causes bleeding diathesis. It is an important vitamin which helps in blood clotting and is very essential for small children. The kiwi fruit and leafy green vegetables are good sources of vitamin K, which apply to infant diet.

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