6 Essential Home Remedies For Neuritis

Optic NeuritisNeuritis can be debilitating. Whether it affects your peripheral nervous system or the optic nerve it is going to show up in a number of ways. If you are suffering from peripheral neuritis a portion of the peripheral nervous system has been damaged. This may result in an unsteady gait, tremors and numbness. You may feel fatigued or cramped.

There may also be itching and tingling sensation along with severe pain. If you are suffering from optic neuritis then there is an inflammation of the optic nerve. You may experience partial loss of vision, color blindness etc. Whereas optic neuritis is usually caused by bacterial infection, peripheral neuritis is generally secondary to illnesses such as diabetes, seizure etc.

In both cases you can reverse the disorder with proper remedy. Consult your physician regarding the treatment plan and the prognosis. However, you can play your part in increasing the efficacy of treatment. There are various home remedies for neuritis. You can use these to correct the disorders relating to neuritis. Let us discuss some of these.

Home Remedies For Neuritis


It has been seen that lack of vitamins in food is one of the reasons behind neuritis. Deficiency in vitamins such as vitamin B1, B6, B12, pantothenic acid etc. may be responsible for neuritis. Therefore, you need to up the amount of these vitamins in the food so that you can compensate for the amount of vitamin. You can get lots of vitamins in dairy products, meat, poultry, yeast,broccoli, egg, nuts, pulse, fish, brown rice, animal liver etc. So include these in your daily consumables list and heal neuritis.

Baking Soda

Too much of acid in the blood and tissues has been blamed for neuritis for a long time. Therefore, if the proportion of acid in the body can be brought down the effect of neuritis can be somewhat negated. With this perspective you can have baking soda.

Baking soda

It is an alkaline compound that is used in many remedies traditionally. Make it a habit to consume a glass of water with a pinch of baking soda every day. This will slowly increase the pH of your blood. There will be an alleviation in the symptoms of neuritis slowly, but steadily.

Barley Brew

Barley is another natural element that has been observed to be quite effective in treating neuritis. It is mainly helpful in stopping the sharp pain that is often associated with neuritis. It acts as a coolant and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. For preparing barley brew take a glass of barley and boil it in distilled water. When the amount becomes almost half, take it off heat and strain.

For getting the best result from it mix some buttermilk and lime to it. Buttermilk is a medicine itself. It imparts strength to the nervous system along with other benefits. Lime is rich in vitamin C and it fortifies the immune system. So a combination of barley brew, buttermilk and lime juice can be a potent combination for neuritis.

Soya Bean Milk And Honey

This has been found to be one of the best remedies for neuritis. Soya bean milk mixed with honey is rich in vitamin B, lecithin and glutamic acid each of which play vital role in protecting the nervous system. These compounds help in toning up of the nervous system.

Soya Bean Milk

Prepare soya bean milk by soaking some soya bean in water throughout the night. In the morning remove the skin of the beans and grind these finely in the grinder. Mix it with water and get a diluted solution. Now heat it over slow fire with frequent stirring. Take it off heat and strain. Cool it and add some honey. Take this every day to cure neuritis.


It has been seen that pineapple contains some very essential vitamins that can fight neuritis effectively. There are some essential acids in pineapple which have the ability to cure you of the disease. It also strengthens the immune system and nervous system. So make it a habit to take a cup of pineapple juice every day to recover from neuritis.

Spinach And Carrot

Both spinach and carrot are rich in many of the essential vitamins and minerals which are found to be in short supply in people suffering from neuritis.

Spinach And Carrot

Both of them contain beta carotene which is an excellent antioxidant. This helps to protect the nerves from further damage from free radicals. So take spinach and carrot every day to ward off the debilitating effects of neuritis. You can also take spinach and carrot juice.

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Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.