Effective Valerian Remedy For Pain

Valerian Remedy For PainValerian is a potent herb that is generally used for curing sleep related disorders. However, due to its muscle relaxant properties, valerian can also be used for treating pain and various other disorders of the body. Valerian helps to treat joint and muscle pain and also gastrointestinal problems. Here are some great uses of valerian as a pain reliever.

Valerian Remedies

It is very important to assess the kind of pain you are dealing with, before you start self care and herbal treatments. This is because many herbs can interact with other drugs you might be taking and cause other conditions to worsen as well. Valerian is also a sedative and hence you must be very careful about taking it when you are active and are required to be alert and vigilant.

Valerian For Pain Relief

When we talk about the pain relieving qualities of valerian, the first thing that comes into focus is its muscle relaxing properties. Valerian is therefore a great remedy for treating pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, anxiety, restlessness etc. People who are on benzodiazepines can be eased off by taking valerian as an alternative.

How Long Valerian Should Be Taken?

It is often difficult to predict how long valerian must be consumed for pain relief. Much depends on the chemistry of your body in accepting herbal remedies. Some might find instant relief after the intake of valerian and for some other, long term treatment is required for its effects to set in.

Valerian Remedy For Pain

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Intake of valerian must be monitored by a herbalist in any case as there are several effects that valerian can cause on your body, depending on your physical condition. Some people might get agitated with the intake of valerian and for others, it acts as a balancing agent and relaxant based on the condition of your body and the condition for which valerian is used. It is also important to use valerian for a short while and check its efficacy and effects on your body before you start taking it for long term.

How To Use Valerian For Pain Relief

Valerian can be used as capsule, tincture and also as a tea. Tincture is known to be the best form as it is not processed and hence more potent. While taking capsules, the dosage needs to be adjusted according to individual preferences.  A 150 mg capsule can be tried at first to see how your body reacts to it and reduce pain. For severe pain relief, up to 300 mg can be consumed. However, it is best to consult a herbalist for the right dosage and guidance. You might want to reduce the dosage further if it causes side effects.

When using it as a tea, you may use two grams of valerian root powder to a glass of hot water. Let it cool before you take it. Add a spoon of honey for flavour. Valerian tincture, which is the most preferred form of intake can be taken for controlling pain. Take one tablespoon of valerian root and ad to a cup of water. Take this 3-4 times a day or for severe cases, use it every four hours.

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