11 Splendid Natural Treatments For Migraine

migraine treatmentMigraines can be difficult to withstand. Ask those who suffer from them and you will know that they can be blinding. Migraine belongs to the group of paroxysmal ailments and normally is concentrated on one side of the head.

Migraines can be caused due to problems in the liver, indigestion and vision. Stress and tension too are causative factors that can lead to migraines. Continuous stress can cause a lot of tension on the neck and head muscles, leading to migraine attacks.

Migraine can sometimes succeed an episode of depression. Its intensity and be varying in people. Sometimes, a migraine attack can have long gaps of over a year and in other cases it could be as constant as occurring every day. Vomiting and nausea are accompanying symptoms of migraine along with throbbing pain which mostly starts from behind the yea and moves on to either one of the sides of the head.

For people who suffer from persistent migraine home remedies are a great relief and can offer great solace. Home remedies help them by not having to take pain medications at the onset of every attack. Pain medications take regularly can be detrimental to your health and hence best avoided. Here are some refreshing home remedies that you can try for your migraine attacks.

Natural Cures for Migraine

1. Have Ginger Tea for Curing Migraines

Ginger is a natural home remedy for pain relief and works well for migraines as well. Ginger contains ginkgo biloba which is good for removing aggression of platelets and improves the circulation of blood.  Ginger tea is particularly beneficial if your migraine is concentrated in the front of your head rather than the sides. You can make ginger tea by using 500 milligrams of ginger powder with one cup of boiling water. Take this frequently until your migraine subsides. Ginger can also be eaten raw for attaining good results.

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2. Valerian for Removing Traces of Migraine

Valerian is used for relieving stress and is also a sedative. Hence this can be taken if you are at home and not out. Consume valerian capsules or you can make valerian tea every few hours when you start getting migraine. It will immediately relieve the stress that is packed in your distraught muscles and ease the migraine.

3. Magnesium Can be Taken to Relieve Migraine

Magnesium supplements can be taken in order to keep the blood vessels that take blood to the brain well toned. This will relax the blood vessels and improve circulation. Low levels of magnesium is one cause for migraine and hence you can add food rich in magnesium like bananas, wheat germ, avocados, pumpkin seeds, nuts, spinach etc. in your diet to prevent migraine attacks.

Studies have also proven that taking magnesium supplements along with supplements of fish oil can reduce the attacks of migraine by about half. This will be a great treatment method for those suffering from frequent migraines.

4. Massage Therapy for Migraines

Massaging you scalp and neck region could be all you require for stopping an attack of migraine. Massage is capable of stopping the spasms that cause the pain. Whenever you get migraine, ask someone to massage for you. In case there is no one around, you may try to do it yourself for instant relief.

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5. Treat Yourself With Acupressure

Acupressure can immediately relieve you from migraine. For this you do not have to go searching for a registered practitioner. A few calculated moves can help you do it yourself with great results. Next time when you get migraine, identify the area between your thumb and index finger. This is the webbed area where you have to apply constant pressure. It you have caught the right position, your migraines will immediately stop.

6. Apply Cold Pack for Migraine

Cold Pack can offer immediate relief for any kind of pain. By applying a cold pack, you are constricting the blood vessels that are involved in creating the pain. You can make use of a specialised cap for this purpose which will have a lining for keeping ice packs. Apply this pack for 10-15 minutes and your migraine will be gone by then.

7. Sleep to Remove Migraine

All of us know that a good sleep can remove all kinds of Migraine. Sometimes lack of sleep and stress could be the trigger and a good night’s sleep will remove the migraine for your head. Sleep for 3-4 hours and when you wake up, you will have busted the pain.

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8. Rosemary Oil Can Offer Great Solace

Aromatherapy can do a world of good for migraine attacks. Rosemary oil is particularly beneficial for curing migraine. You can use incenses with this oil and massage the neck with rosemary oil to relieve the tension and the pain.

9. Cabbage Leaf for Treating Migraine

Yea, cabbage leaf can do wonders for migraines. If you have not already tried this remedy, make sure you try it next time. Take cabbage leaves and crush them. Place them on a piece of light weight cloth and tie on the forehead. Keep it on for a few hours. You may replace the leave with fresh ones when the leaves start drying out.

10. Grape Juice for Migraine Attacks

Migraine attacks can be curtailed with the use of Grapes. Take fresh grapes and extract the juice form it. Do not add water to the grapes. Drink it as such for instant relief from migraine.

11. Migraine Can Be Treated With Vegetable Juices As Well

Few of the vegetable juices taken in combination is said to be very beneficial in the treatment of migraine. Take 200 l of spinach juice and 300 ml of carrot juice. Mix it well and drink when you have migraine. Another powerful vegetable juice remedy that you can try is 300 ml of carrot juice and 100 ml of beet juice. Mix and drink for relieving the pain and spasms of migraine.

Fasting on only orange juice and water too is said to cure migraines by flushing out the toxic waste from the body. You may also fast on the juices mentioned above for getting the same results.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.