Effective Tips For Reducing Sugar In Diet

DiabetesDespite knowing well that sugar does not provide anything more than empty calories, we tend to eat a lot of sugar in obvious and hidden forms. A low sugar diet will not only help you in reducing weight but will also reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart problems and hypertension. As you will follow a low sugar diet plan very soon you will realize your craving for sugar has also reduced drastically.  Eating healthy foods with complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients goes a long way in reducing those midnight sugar cravings. Here are some tips to reduce sugar from your day to diet and feel light and healthy.

Tips For Reducing Sugar In Diet

Avoid Soda And Other Sugary Drinks

A can of carbonated drink contains as much as four tablespoons of sugar. By avoiding a can of soda per week you can reduce as much as a pound of weight.

club soda

Likewise avoid canned juices, sugary coffee drinks and all those drinks which contain sugar. Opt for a glass of water.Water is the single cheapest and healthiest drink available. You can also drink seltzer or club soda as a substitute for sugar laden carbonated drinks.

Fruit Juices Can Be Tricky

When you drink fruit juice ensure they are 100% fruit juice and not fruit juices laden with sugar syrups. Eating fruit is a healthier option than drinking fruit juice because fruit contains fiber also which juices lack.

fruit juice

Readymade available juice cans contain a lot of sugar hence it is best to avoid then and lay emphasis on eating whole fruit. If you want to drink fruit juice then drink fresh juice without sugar.

Choose Your Dessert Wisely

Instead of eating ice creams, cakes, pies and cookies in your dessert think about fresh fruit and yogurt as a healthier option. As a rule avoid eating sweets post dinner. You can make healthy and tasty desserts by adding fruits in the yogurt or by glazing fruits with honey, cinnamon and other spices.


 Be innovative and make healthy and tasty desserts. You may eat small amounts of sweets in the morning time when metabolism is high and your body will be able to digest sweets without storing it as fat.

Read The Labels Carefully

Read the nutrition labels on packaged foods carefully. Generally, the companies list the ingredients used in the product in the order of the proportion. It means that the first three ingredients mentioned on the label are used most abundantly in the product.

read label

Avoid eating any products which list sugar among first three ingredients. The sugar can be listed in any form like corn syrup, beet sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, sorbitol, mannitol, cane sugar, molasses, sucrose, honey, etc.

Snack On Healthy Foods

Make it a habit to snack on healthy substitutes made of complex carbohydrates or protein laden with vitamins and minerals.

fruit salad

There are plenty of such options available like roasted grams, low fat cheese, fruits, salads, whole grain crackers, etc.

Mind Your Portion Size

An occasional treat of sweet items is a good idea to keep sugar cravings in check. Make a conscious effort to keep the portion size small when you grab your favorite cup of ice cream or eat cookies in dessert.

avoid sweets

Try to avoid eating sweets at night time because when eaten at night, they get stored in liver as fat.

Avoid adding table sugar

Never add sugar in your foods once they are served. Also try to reduce the amount of sugar from your tea and coffee and morning cereals. If you find it hard to abandon sugar at all from beverages then gradually reduce the quantity. Cut the amount of sugar to half first and then gradually eliminate it from your drinks.

avoid sugar

Reducing sugar in your diet is a great way to cut on calories without compromising with nutrition. Start today and reap optimum benefits.

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