6 Vitamins For Hair Growth

Hair Growth

In order for the body to function well, it is essential that you consume a healthy dosage of essential nutrients, vitamins and other minerals on a regular basis. Our skin and hair reflect the health of our body and a shiny bouncy mane of hair speaks well of our well-being. What we eat has a significant impact on our hair growth. Hair follicles require a range of nutrients and if your diet is lacking in them than the result will be slow hair growth, unhealthy looking hair, hair loss and thinning of hair.

The rate of hair growth differs from one person to another. However, on an average it has been found that hair grows at the rate of about one centimeter a month. You can help your hair grow faster by ensuring that your scalp and hair has everything that it requires to help it grow. There is no overnight remedy to make this happen. It takes some time and effort over a sustained period of time to see results. There are several vitamins that promote hair growth such as vitamins A, C, E and B complex vitamins.

Various Vitamins For Hair Growth

B Complex Vitamins For Healthy Hair 

They are very helpful in promoting a healthy scalp and skin and facilitate rapid hair growth. Vitamin B vitamins can be found in many fruits, vegetables, wholegrain cereals and vitamin B complex supplements.

B Complex Vitamins

Biotin For Better Scalp Condition

Though it belongs to the vitamin B complex group of vitamins, it deserves a separate mention as it is particularly beneficial for the condition of the scalp and hair. It is therefore also a popular ingredient in hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.


It produces keratin and studies have shown that it helps to restore hair to its natural shade. You can find biotin in nuts, cheese and brewer’s yeast among other food items.

Inositol For Better Hair Growth 

This vitamin also belongs to the vitamin B complex group of vitamins and helps promote healthy hair growth as well as prevent hair loss.


Inositol is found in cereals, rice, vegetables, bananas, nuts and brewer’s yeast.

Vitamin E For Good Blood Flow 

A powerful antioxidant, it encourages healthy blood flow to the scalp. However, care should be taken to not consume it in high quantities as it can increase blood pressure.

Vitamin E

 It is found in adequate quantities in seeds, nuts, beans, vegetables and dark green vegetables.

Vitamin C For Healthy Scalp And Hair 

A detoxifier and antioxidant, this vitamin help to keep the hair and scalp healthy.

Vitamin C

It is found mostly in fresh vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin A For Faster Hair Growth 

It helps to promote a healthy scalp. This in turn aids in hair growth. However, if taken in very high quantities, it can cause harm, especially during pregnancy. Vitamin A can be found in vegetables and dairy products.

Vitamin A

Vitamins are immensely powerful and too much can be as dangerous as too little. It is therefore best to discuss with your doctor before you start taking vitamin supplements for your hair so that you can help prevent any health problems that might arise later on.

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