8 Effective Natural Cures For Hypertension


The hypertension is actually caused due to the increase in the blood pressure of the human body, which is just caused because of mental stress and unusual habits which are actually not safe for a healthy body. It may also come to a human body from their elder generations.

8 Natural Ways to Cure Hypertension

Take Healthy Diet

The sufferer should take complete food like fresh fruit, vegetables, un-fried food which almost complete your healthy diet. Every medicine treatment needs a healthy complete diet which ensures the enough intakes of vitamins and minerals in the human body.

fruit And Vegetables

The major helpful foods to get cure from hypertension is raw fruits, garlic, olive oil, onion, vegetables, soy, nuts, whole grain, seeds and of course some specific varieties of fish like tuna, salmon, halibut, sardines.

Eat Less Sodium Rich Food

To decrease hypertension, one should reduce the food rich in sodium and increase potassium enriched food. You should carefully see the level of prepared processed foods and almost avoid those foods which are rich in sodium. It is very clear that you must take negligible amount of salt in your food. You should also reduce taking sugar and fried foods.

Eat Less Sodium Rich Food

Drink Sufficient Water

You should drink water in high amount which has multiple positive effects in the body which also includes the reduction of hypertension in the body.

Drink Sufficient Water

The waste products in digestive system and the toxins also get eliminated from whole body. Generally we should drink almost half of our body weight daily, which will be surely beneficial for a healthy human body.

Do Exercise Regularly

You should do Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi which actually helps a lot to decrease hypertension created by stress. The exercises should be increased which gives you a weight lose as well as a certain decrease in the fat in body blood.

Do Exercise Regularly

Consume Green Tea daily

Green tea is healthier startup everyday for such sufferer. Studies under-date has proved that those people who use to drink green tea everyday have a less probability to suffer dangerous disease like cancer, strokes and heart disease.

Green Tea

The green tea is the best source to prevent hypertension which actually happens due to increase in the amount of cholesterol in blood which certainly helps to avoid plaque, which is on the walls of artery. The green tea is so effective just because the reducing nature of it actually avoids the oxidation of cholesterol in arteries.

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Consume Garlic Products

The garlic supplements are commonly used get out of hypertension. Garlic actually lowers the blood pressure if it is used on a daily basis in sufficient amount.


The amount depends on person to person necessity. It commonly on an average three cloves of it is sufficient enough for healthy normal body. The presence of Allicin in the garlic cools down the blood vessels whenever they are being subjected to high pressure.

Eat Oily Fish

The oily fish that is actually the best balanced diet should be taken at least twice every week, which is the most preferred option to cure hypertension. The supplements of fish oil can also be used.

Eat Oily Fish

Do Physical Activity

The increase in the physical activity also maintains the rate of heart beat, which actually enforce our heart to work harder with each contraction.

Do Physical Activity

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