Effective Natural Cures For Gum Infection

Gum InfectionGum infection is a malady which can be imputed to the non-hygienic oral environment in case of human beings. It may lead to an agonizing and excruciatingly painful experience. Gum infection is something, which comes under the rubric of the so-called periodontal diseases.

Gum infection may also serve the purpose of the precursor of the agonizing painful Gingivitis. Someone’s affliction with Gum infection can be attributed to the hazardous reaction between the farinaceous or amyloidal starchy residues of the comestibles and the human saliva.

The aforementioned amalgamation of amyloidal sugary remnants and saliva becomes the genesis of something whose nomenclature is plaque, which keeps on getting accumulated in the propinquity of gums and metamorphoses itself into tartar that ultimately leads to gum infection.

Enumeration Of The Natural Cures For Gum Infection

Alimentation Of Foods  Rich In Vitamin C

Navy men of bygone era used to consume limes during their ocean odyssey or voyage to averruncate the possibility of periodontal hemorrhage as limes are the treasure trove Vitamin C which is also often referred to as Ascorbic acid. Assimilation vegetables and fruits videlicet grapefruit, papaya, orange, mango, strawberry, and broccoli.


Cranberry Juice
Consumption of cranberry juice of the volume of 4 ounces per diem may reduce your vulnerability to be afflicted with gum infection by preventing the bacteria from getting accumulated in the gums and it also does play the role of a bactericidal agent.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D which is also known to us by a multiple number of soubriquets videlicet calciferol, cholecaliferol, ergocaliciferol, and viosterol does serve the purpose of catholicon for gum infection. Exposure to sun or the phenomenon of solarization is the best modus operandi of synthesizing Vitamin D in skin.

Coenzyme Q10

Iron clad evidence pertaining to gum disease and it’s juxtaposition with lower levels of coenzyme q10, a natural antioxidant which is present in the body, and is ubiquitous in foods, and also up for grabs in supplement form. Some researchers say that coenzyme q10 is needed to recuperate the gum tissue properly. Oral hygiene conscious buyers should scrutinize the toothpaste brand they are buying so that they can detect the presence of coenzyme q10 in them.

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is known to play the role of an antibiotic. An experimental study reveals that people who brush with tea tree oil are less likely to undergo gum infection and more likely to witness an excellent oral hygiene scenario and can say good-bye to periodontal maladies like gingivitis.

Amelioration Of Stress Or Tension Or Depression

It may sound bizarre and outré but owing to stress, human beings get more susceptible to encounter catastrophic periodontal diseases like gum infection. Stress reduction modi operandi may include diaphragmatic breathing, meditation and zen et cetera.

Oil Of Wintergreen

Oil of wintergreen is another sure-fire therapeutic modus operandi of recuperating from gum infection, and the hemorrhage followed by it. Cleansing gums and the affected portions of it by oil of wintergreen maximizes the chances of being convalescent from gum infection.

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