7 Effective Natural Cures For Gout

 Gout Gout is known to be a type of arthritis, which occurs as a result of increased concentrations of uric acid in the bloodstream, often accompanied by symptoms of pain and inflammation of joints. This condition mostly occurs as a result of the excess production of uric acid or the inability of the body to get rid of uric acid; however, this condition can be treated naturally. Given below is a list of effective natural cures for gout.

7 How to Cure Gout

Herbal Cures

Burdock root is considered an effective herbal cure for gout. This herb is known to play the role of a diuretic and helps in reducing swelling of joints during flare-ups of gout. This herb helps in purifying the blood and getting rid of excess uric acid present in it. You can consume burdock root as tea for treating gout symptoms.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is another effective herb for treating gout symptoms. This herb is known to possess capsaicin, which is an active ingredient that helps in decreasing gout pain as well as inflammation. For treating gout, this herb is usually applied topically to the skin in the form of cream; however, it is advisable that you do not apply this herb topically if you have sensitive skin.


Dandelion is an herb that is considered beneficial for gout sufferers, due to the fact that it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to possessing anti-inflammatory properties, this herb also plays the role of a diuretic, which helps in getting rid of the excess uric acid in the bloodstream. You can consume this herb in the form of tea. It can also be applied topically to affected portions of skin.

Diet Treatment

Diet is also known to play a crucial role in dealing with flare-ups as well as causing them; therefore, it is important to include the right kinds of foods in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are excellent for providing relief from gout symptoms, due to the fact that they do not contain much purine.

Fruits and vegetable

In addition to that, they are also excellent sources of vitamins A, C and E, which are powerful antioxidants that also exhibit anti-inflammatory effects, thereby proving beneficial for gout sufferers. However, there are certain vegetables that do contain purines and such vegetables must be avoided. Peas, beans, astragalus, cauliflower, brinjal and mushrooms are some of these vegetables. Whole dairy products are considered bad for gout sufferers and must be avoided. However, health experts recommend consuming low-fat dairy products, as they do not exacerbate symptoms of gout. Common low fat dairy products include skimmed milk, low-fat cheese and low fat yogurt.

Dairy products

Meat is one of the primary food triggers of gout due to high concentrations of uric acid. Beef, pork, lamb and fish are common non-vegetarian foods that possess high amounts of uric acid. It is also important that you limit the intake of alcohol as well as carbonated beverages, as they are common triggers of gout too.

Drink Lots of Water

Gout is classified as a chronic condition that develops due to excess uric acid in the blood; therefore, it is advisable that you consume lots of water, as it will help in flushing out uric acid from your body.

Drink Lots of Water

Health experts highly recommend consuming around one gallon of water each day for flushing out toxins from the body. You should consume only water and avoid drinking alcohol or other beverages, as they deter the body from getting rid of uric acid.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is considered an effective home remedy for treating gout symptoms. This is due to the fact that is possesses high amounts of potassium and is helpful in alkalising the blood. This plays a crucial role in dissolving uric acid crystals, which can be eliminated by the kidneys. For treating gout symptoms, add the juice of one lemon to a glass of water and consume it twice daily. You may also add some sugar to it too.

Lemon Juice

Black Bean Broth

Black beans, also known as turtle beans, are considered good sources of anthocyanins, which may prove effective in dealing with gout symptoms. You can prepare black bean broth by adding around 100 grams of black beans to 500 ml of water and allowing it to boil. Black Bean Broth

As it begins boiling, keep it on low flame for the next 60 minutes. Allow it to cool and strain. Drink two cups of this broth in a day, for treating gout symptoms. You can also eat the beans as they are good sources of vitamins and minerals, which help in reducing the symptom of pain associated with gout.

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Soaking Baths

Soaking baths are considered extremely beneficial for gout sufferers, when the pain and inflammation is severe. To prepare the bath, add around 3 cups of Epsom salt to a tub full of water and keep your feet soaked until the water remains warm. For increasing the effectiveness of this home remedy, you could also add half cup grated ginger to the bath. Ginger is considered beneficial in increasing sweating, which helps in eliminating excess amounts of uric acid that might be present in the body.

Soaking Baths

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is extremely beneficial for gout sufferers, due to the fact that excess body fat plays a crucial role in triggering gout flare-ups. However, it is important that you do not lose weight rapidly, but lose weight slowly i.e. around 1 pound each week. This is due to the fact that rapid weight loss may lead to sudden, yet temporary increase in uric acid levels in the bloodstream.

Regular Exercise

Therefore, it is important that you train under the supervision of a trained fitness expert. Weight training is one of the best types of exercises for gout sufferers, due to the fact that it helps in strengthening the joints in the human body. However, it is advisable that you do not train very intensely as it may worsen gout symptoms. In addition to weight training, walking, jogging and swimming may also help gout patients, as they boost circulation of blood and reduce stress.

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