Effective Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet Ideas

Yoga Fitness DietYoga is the ancient science of keeping your mind, body and spirit in perfect unison. Yoga enhances your power of concentration, maintains a healthy body and uplifts your spirit. It brings you closer to your inner self with the help of various types of Asana, Breath Control techniques and Meditation. Yoga consists of Eight Discipline known as Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga Fitness Diet (Aahar) is one of the most important parts of Ashtanga Yoga.

According to the philosophy of Yoga, what you eat has a direct impact on your personality and behaviour. Yoga diet should be healthy, nutritious and simple. In Yoga dictum it is called the Satvik diet. Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet or Satvik diet is pure vegetarian.

Yoga doctrines shun non vegetarian foods as it is considered unfit for human consumption. A list of Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet is mentioned below to help to understand the concept of Yoga Diet.

Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet Ideas


Yoga fitness diet should consist of fresh vegetables. Frozen or dehydrated vegetables are not recommended in a Yoga Diet. You should eat the best available vegetables according to the climate and season of a particular region. Fresh vegetables can be consumed in form of salad, soup, steamed or grilled. The consumption of fat should be reduced to minimum as it promotes obesity.


Yoga Fitness Diet

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Fresh fruits are a store house of energy and nutrition. They are an essential part of Yoga Fitness Diet. Fruit juices contains rich amounts of vitamin C, which helps to build your immune system, it boosts stamina and your energy level. You are able to practice Asanas and Pranayama for longer periods of time.
Include fresh fruits in your daily Yoga Fitness Diet to remain healthy and energetic throughout the day.


Milk contains calcium, protein and essential minerals. It gives you instant energy and it is an important part of Yoga Fitness Diet. Milk prevents constipation and it cures digestive disorders. People who are unable to digest milk are advised to consume yogurt and cottage for equal benefits.

Yoga practitioners often remain on a milk diet for days together as part of their Yoga practice routine. You are advised to drink 500 ml. of milk every day. Cow’s milk is preferred in a HealthyYoga Fitness Diet. In order to lose weight you can opt for skimmed milk.


Yoga Fitness Diet

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Honey is considered nectar in Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet. It contains iron, glucose and many other essential nutrients. It builds stamina and it is an energy booster. You should eat about two table spoons of honey every day. You can add it to milk, salads and desserts or use it as a spread on bread.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are enriched with soluble fibre which helps to correct digestive disorders and enhance absorption, assimilation and elimination of the food. Whole grains are the most natural form of food. Whole grains like wheat, bran, oatmeal, legumes and lentils should become a central aspect of a Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet.


Yoga Fitness Diet

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Fasting is an essential element of Healthy Yoga Fitness Diet. Fasting does mean giving up food completely, it means taking a restricted diet. Fasting helps to cleanse and detoxify the system. It improves clarity of mind and rejuvenates the system.

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