Effective Exercises For Lower Abs

Lower AbbsUsually it is the toughest part of a body toning regime to exercise and tone the lower abs. This happens to be the most frustrating part of the body to bring in shape. At the same time, if someone is checking out your physical fitness, they will first look at the lower abs.

However, there is no need to get frustrated because indeed there are a few simple exercises for lower abs that can help you get those coveted six packs in a reasonable amount of time.

Best Effective Exercises For Lower Abs

Do A Variety Of Exercises

Add a diverse range of exercises for lower abs to your routine. There is more than one type of muscles in the lower abs, therefore it is important to work them from different angles.


Usually, most lower abs exercises have a standard form in which the range of motion is straight along the body. This is not adequate for getting results in a short time.

Leg Raises With A Difference

For instance, if you are doing leg raises, then ensure that it includes a set that brings your legs up to the right side of your torso and then follow it up with a set that they are brought up to the left of the torso. This will encompass all the muscles in the lower abs region.

Classic Twist

Obeying the general principle of muscle equality means that when you exercise one muscle set, you should also exercise the set of muscles complementary to it. Hence if you are doing exercises for lower abs muscles, be sure to work the back and lower back muscles also.


This can be done by performing a twist while standing with your hands on your hips and rotating your torso from one side to the other. Such exercises will work to counter the tightness of the abs that is created by the lower abs workouts. This will ensure that your body remains in line and straight so that you keep making progress at a fast and steady pace.

Weighted Leg Raises

In one workout, you concentrate on doing leg raises with a weight clenched between your feet. This will increase the muscle mass in the abs and tighten the muscles, creating a leaner and fitter shape.

Endurance Leg Raises

Left Raises

However, you should follow this workout with abs exercises without the weights and aim at higher numbers and speed to improve the endurance and efficiency of the lower abs. This way of doing exercises for lower abs will ensure that not only do your lower abs look great, but also are in great health.

Make It A Part Of Your Exercise Routine

Add the lower abs workouts to your exercise routine so that you pay attention to that area of the body at least thrice a week. The main reason why people face the maximum trouble with the lower abs is that they don’t give this area sufficient workout. Hence in order to bring this part of the body into shape, you should pay regular attention to it in the process of exercising your body.

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