Different Types Of Yoga For Perfect Health

Yoga For Perfect HealthYoga! The name itself takes you to the world of tranquility and spirituality. And why not! Practicing yoga not only strengthens your body but also relaxes and calms your body as well as soul. Yoga is practiced since 5,000 years.

With the course of time, it has been evolved as many different types. With an identical origin i.e. India, different types of yoga came into picture that focuses on particular aspect of health. Witnessing a number of yoga studios around the town, you must feel confused sometimes as which one to opt for.

Though each of them follows a yoga style, their main aim is to make you fit, healthy and active. So, let’s learn about the different types of yoga which will help you to choose one that suits you the best.

Types Of Yoga For Perfect Health

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a great way to start your yoga practice. It focuses on breathing techniques, pranayama, combined with yoga poses that are gentle and slow-paced.

Hatha yoga

So, if you are planning to begin yoga practice then hatha yoga would be a good option for you. Health benefits of practicing hatha yoga includes: it releases stress, improves breathing and provide a well-tunes physical workout.


Vinyasa is popularly followed in US. Like hatha yoga, it also involves practicing possess in sync with breathing. Vinyasa focus on the Sun salutation poses that comprises a set of 12 poses. The poses are carried out in a flow, one after another following breathing techniques. Therefore, it is commonly known as flow yoga. Vinyasa works to harmonize breath and body movement along with building lean muscle in the body.

Vinyasa yoga

This form of yoga builds strength and flexibility, tones muscles, prevents the chance of cardiac disorders, maintains blood pressure and lowers the risk of diabetes. With so many health benefits who will not like to follow this type of yoga. And to top it all, vinyasa is ideal for starters as well as experienced yoga followers who wants to build strength.

Ashtanga Yoga

If you were an athlete and now seeking an exercise that works similarly as sports on your body, then asthanga yoga would be a great choice for you. As ashtanga yoga involves fast-paced poses that gives you a feeling of cardio and push-ups. Thus, it is also called as power yoga. Unlike other forms of yoga, it helps you to shed weight, improve body strength, and awaken your spiritual side.

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Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga carries out all the features of Asthanga yoga and stresses on body alignment. But unlike Asthanga yoga, it involves the use of props like blanket, blocks and straps.

Iyengar Yoga

In this style, standing poses are mostly followed and held for longer duration. It is excellent for those suffering from injuries and chronic health conditions like arthritis. Additionally, it builds up body strength, balance and alignment.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is founded by Bikram Choudhary in Los Angeles. It comprises a set of 26 yoga poses that are suitable for beginners. These yoga poses are carried out in a heated and humid room to make you sweat.

Bikram Yoga

A temperature of above 100 degree and about 40 % humidity is maintained in the room. Therefore, practicing hot yoga detox as well as strengthened your body at the same time.

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