5 Diet Treatment For Sinusitis


Sinusitis affects millions of people worldwide and is regarded as a serious illness for which numerous treatments are in place. One of the most effective ways of treating sinusitis is through the adoption of a healthy and balanced diet. Although different people’s bodies react differently to attacks of sinusitis, studies reveal that there are strong connections between sinusitis and diet. A strict choice of diet must be instated so as to curb the intensity and frequency of sinusitis attacks. Different food items have highly beneficial properties which help directly in initiating a curing process for the disease, and as such, there are many such foods readily available.

5 Various Diet Treatment For Sinusitis

Food Enriched In Vitamin C

Sinusitis attacks can be approached for treatment through the intake of food enriched in Vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as a nutrient rich in antioxidant values and effectively helps in curing sinusitis. Experts recommend taking at least 500mg of Vitamin C every two hours throughout the day, until the sinusitis conditions seem to fade or become less pronounced.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C fortifies the immune system and combats the bacteria which are responsible for causing sinusitis infection. This intake of Vitamin C can be made through food or through some vitamin supplement.


Broccoli is a rich source of nutrients such as indoles and sulforaphane and is of direct benefit to sinusitis patients. This vegetable is a storehouse of anti-oxidants and helps in maintaining the integrity of mucus membranes. Broccoli is rich in phytochemicals like beta-carotene and isothiocyanates which yield positive results when applied to sinusitis problems.


It can be prepared as a soup or mixed with other vegetables, depending on the palate of the patient. Broccoli is also anti-fungal in nature and prevents sinusitis from developing.

Apples And Berries

One of the common diets to be undertaken in the event of a sinusitis infection is the regular intake of apples and berries. These fruits are rich in antioxidant properties and are also a viable source of phytochemicals. They are a good source of quercetin, which is highly beneficial for curing sinusitis.

Apples And Berries

They also contain xylitol or wood sugar, which prevents the bacteria from sticking to the mucus membranes and directly reduces the number of bacteria in the nasal cavity. As a result, the infestation of sinusitis causing bacteria is effectively curbed.

Drinking Tea

Tea is believed to have significant healing properties directed towards sinusitis infections and as such is recommended for patients suffering from sinusitis. Tea helps in softening the mucus that is deposited in the mucus membranes and as such helps in discharging the mucus quickly and effectively.

Black Tea

Both black tea and green tea serves the purpose as they are rich in a chemical called L-theonine. This chemical is highly effective in the treatment of sinusitis and can help in curing the same.

Intake Of Ginger

Ginger consists of gingerol, which is highly effective in the treatment for sinusitis and as such, food containing substantial amount of ginger is recommended for sinusitis patients. Sinusitis can be positively relieved with the help of ginger tea which releases the pressure and pain of sinusitis. Ginger tea can also be made into a compress and applied to the face to get relief from the pain of sinusitis.


Ginger is highly effective in fighting the bacteria which commonly causes sinusitis and is highly recommended for sinusitis patients. Although expensive and sophisticated treatments are available for the cure of sinusitis, following a simple diet plan can be quite effective as well. Following a well-balanced and regular diet can effectively address sinusitis problems and give relief to patients.

5 Diet Treatment For Sinusitis

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