Diet Remedy For Edema

EdemaEdema refers to a situation where fluid is deposited in the body and as a result, the body appears to be bloated. Sometimes, certain parts of the body become more swollen, as compared to the others. These include stomach, legs, hands, and face. There are different reasons why edema develops in a person. Sometimes, it develops because of hormonal problems. Other times, it may develop because of pregnancy, certain medicines or health problems.

If you are suffering from edema, don’t commit the mistake of thinking that a diet plan will cure it magically. However, if you follow a good diet, it will help you to reduce the symptoms that are usually associated with edema. Here are few tips that you can consider for modifying your diet plan and reducing the symptoms of edema.

Various Diet Remedy For Edema

Pineapple, Watermelon And Grapes

If you have edema, including certain foods in your eating plan can be a good idea. These include pineapple, watermelon and grapes. The reason why these fruits are recommended for an edema patient is that they are naturally diuretic.


More specifically, this means that eating these fruits will help your body to release more fluids and thus, solve the problem of fluid retention to a great extent. Also, these fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that help your body to fight against various diseases.

Effective Herbal Remedies For Edema
Natural Cure For Edema

Cucumber, Onion And Celery

Eating certain vegetables that include cucumber, onion and celery can be a good idea for edema patients. These vegetables possess a high level of water, which help the body to remove excess fluids.


This in turn, solves the water retention problem to a certain extent. Ideally, you should eat these vegetables regularly for getting rid of the problem of edema.

Blueberries And Tomatoes

For an edema patient, eating blueberries and tomatoes is important. This is because blueberries, tomatoes, bell peppers are rich in antioxidants. Consuming such antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables will help your body to fight the problem of water retention.


Furthermore, eating these fruits and vegetables will increase the resistance power of your body and hence, allow it to fight against various other illnesses.

Low Salt Foods

If you are suffering from edema, it is crucial that you avoid high salt foods. This is because high salt foods can make the problem of water retention even worse. Consider the fact that these high salt foods can include instant cereals, salty crackers, and commercial pancakes. You should also avoid frozen fruits and vegetables because these are usually high in sodium content as well. Instead, choose foods that are low in salt.

Whole Grain Sandwich/Cakes

For an edema patient, including whole grain sandwich and cakes can be a good idea. This is because whole grain foods are rich in iron, vitamin B and other essential nutrients that help the body in reducing the symptoms of edema.

Whole grain cake

However, if you are allergic to wheat based products, strictly avoid them. Instead, get in touch with a doctor who can suggest you some alternatives.

Eat these foods for reducing edema.

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