Best Natural Cures For Chronic Cough

Chronic CoughThe cough is a minor disease, but if untreated for a long time, then it can lead the way to some major diseases like TV. Cough appears in your body due to cold and basically when your cold gets dry, it turns to cough. You feel difficult to breathe when oxygen cannot flow properly in your body.

Generally, the lungs get affected during cough, so it is better for you to take care of your cough in its initial stage. There are many ways to cure the cough; however, natural remedies are the best options available to cure the cough.

Natural cures are not only the best options for a cough-free life, but also provide you a healthy life. You should try below given tips to cure the cough without spending a single penny or visiting your nearest doctor or medicine store.

Natural Cures For Chronic Cough

Milk Added With Honey

Take three tablespoons of honey and add with one glass of Luke warm milk and stir it nicely. Consume this milk in the early morning before going for any snacks.

Milk Added With Honey

As you know, honey has many medicinal properties and provides heat to your body, hence consuming honey can help your body to maintain a suitable temperature that can turn your cough to normal liquid or saliva.

Vitamin C

The supplement of vitamin C in your body is very useful to keep yourself stay away from the cough. So you should consume foods or fruits, which are abundant in vitamin C. Some fruits like grapes, lemon, orange, pineapples are the best solutions for chronic cough.

Vitamin C


Drinking of red tea, including fenugreek, ginger, and licorice root helps to reduce blocking of air and provides strength to the body with vitamin C. Another treatment is to consume raw tulsi leaf directly in every early morning proves to be beneficial for your health and aids to vanish your chronic cough.

Almond Seeds

Take almond seeds and soak (as much you need) in warm water during the night. Remove the skins of the seeds in the next morning and then add a little bit of butter and sugar to increase the taste.

Almond Seeds

Now Make a paste of it using a grinder and then pour some water into it. You can add some garlic paste for a better and quicker result. Place this mixture in a safe place and consume twice a day before having any food. Try this method for a couple of days and see the result of your own.


Exercise has a great effect on almost all kinds of diseases and helps you to stay healthy. So start doing exercise in the early morning to stay away from cough and chest pain.


Consume plenty of water during cough. If possible take a steamy bath. Eat the leafy vegetables, especially vegetables containing vitamin C.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric root
Collect the roots of the turmeric plant and make a powder of it after it gets dried. Add three teaspoons of this turmeric powder to a glass of hot milk and stir continuously with the help of a spoon until the turmeric powder gets mixed nicely. Drink this warm milk every day during the night, after having dinner.

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Belleric Myroblan Pulp

Belleric Myroblan
You may also consider using belleric myroblan, which is known as the best natural source to get rid of a cough. Take two grams of  belleric myroblan pulp with a pinch of salt, half teaspoon of pepper and two teaspoons of honey. Mix them properly to form a syrup. Drink this syrup at least twice in a day.

Take A Proper Rest

Including all these treatments, you should give a maximum rest to your body to get control over the cough. A proper amount of sleep is a must need during the cough.

Proper rest

As we know, for a healthy person, 6-8 hours of sleep is enough, but during a cough, the person can increase the sleeping hour as cough normally increases during sleeping hours (night time) and put you in trouble while attempting to sleep.

Say NO to Smoking and Alcohol

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol during a cough. It is suggested not to go for a smoke or drink while you are having a chronic cough as these can increase the effect of your cough due to the presence of the toxic component in them.

Salt Water Gargling

Take a half glass of water and put it on a flame for about 2-3 minutes with the help of a steel container. Pour the hot water into a glass and mix a half teaspoon of salt to it and stir with a teaspoon until the salt gets dissolved in water.

Salt Water Gargles

Remember to cool down the hot water if the temperature is unsuitable for gargling. Dip one of your fingers to test the temperature of the hot water before gargling.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.