Best 5 Diet Options For Cirrhosis

CirrhosisCirrhosis is a serious liver disease and can turn out to be fatal if not treated on time. The liver processes nutrients, hormones, drugs and produces certain proteins and bile. Cirrhosis is a potentially lethal condition in which the healthy liver tissue is replaced by unhealthy scar tissue, which curtails the supply of fresh oxygen-enriched blood to the liver, resulting in defective functioning of the liver. It also results in the accumulation of toxins in the body. Fatty liver, viral infections such as hepatitis, bile duct blockage, heart failure, cystic fibrosis, antitrypsin deficiency, and Wilson’s disease are some of the main causes of liver cirrhosis.

Medications and liver transplantation are treatments available medically for treating Cirrhosis. Diet therapy is seen to aid medical treatment for liver cirrhosis. It is also found to improve the deviant mental functioning in liver cirrhosis patients. The dietary recommendations for liver cirrhosis vary according to the severity of the cirrhosis. As persons suffering from liver cirrhosis are on a restricted diet, they mostly suffer malnutrition. A trained dietitian should be consulted for a detailed diet plan for cirrhosis.

Various Diet For Cirrhosis


The intake of carbohydrates should be increased for persons suffering from liver cirrhosis in order to maintain the normal levels of glycogen (the body converts carbohydrates to glycogen and derives energy from it) in the body. The increased intake of carbohydrates should be in proportion to the decreased intake of protein (protein intake is restricted for cirrhosis patients).


Brown rice, whole wheat bread, berries, beans, sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables, apples, wholegrain cereals, oatmeal, and peas are some of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates, from which one can choose the foods that are most suitable for their liver condition.


Protein consumption is restricted by persons suffering from liver cirrhosis. Proteins, which are otherwise healthy for the liver, may cause harm to persons suffering from liver cirrhosis. Proteins are not metabolized properly by the defective liver resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the body, which may adversely affect the brain.


Chicken breast, turkey breast, cheese, pork loin chops, lean beef, tofu, beans, eggs, yogurt, soymilk, peanuts, pumpkin, etc. are sources of high protein. The intake of these and other high protein foods should be minimized.

Best Home Remedies For Cirrhosis
Top Herbal Remedies For Cirhossis

Restrict Salt

Salt intake should be restricted in persons suffering from serious liver diseases. Salt encourages fluid retention in the body. It causes fluid accumulation and swelling in the liver of a person suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Restrict Salt

Hence, the consumption of common salt and foods containing high amounts of common salt such as commercially processed junk foods should be avoided. Normally, a daily intake of not more than 1500 mg of salt is considered to be healthy. A person suffering from liver cirrhosis should consume much lesser than this quantity.

Moderate Fat

Fat should be consumed in moderation to preserve the protein reserves of the body. Excess fats will stress the liver and their metabolism will be defective.

Foods high in saturated fats should be avoided. Foods having moderate amounts of healthy fats such as olive oil, almonds, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts and avocadoes can be included in your diet.

Vitamins And Minerals

Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed in plenty, as they are high in vitamins and minerals. These foods compensate for the dietary deficiencies caused due liver cirrhosis. Yogurt, spinach, bananas, Brazil nuts, and fortified breads are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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