5 Home Remedies For Overcoming Phobias

PhobiaA phobia is a mortal fear that arises within an individual who seems it impossible to overcome by him/her. It can be associated with any situation, object or person and is usually the result of a subconscious reflex that avoids repeating the fear causing act. It is associated with a constant fear that severely limits the person’s ability to interact socially or work freely and fear free. Phobia is the most common anxiety disorder that affects around 14% of Americans at certain points in their lifetime.

The most common phobias are acrophobia (fear of heights), fear of flying (aviophobia), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed places) or agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). The major symptoms include profuse sweating, rapid pulse, trembling, high blood pressure, nausea and a strong will to flee.

Important Home Remedies To Overcome Phobias

Aerobic Exercises

 Aerobics Exercise

Performing aerobic and strength training exercises serve useful for patients of various forms of phobias. Build of mental and physical strength offers a better sense of control that can reduce or even cure phobias. Start on with light exercising or cycling and then gradually proceed towards more strengthening exercises.


Positive statement can help change the underlying negative belief. Affirmations help to overcome the negative feelings about self or fear of not achieving the goal. Practice delivering affirmations in front of the mirror once or twice a day. Perform it once just after getting up in the morning and the second time before winding off the day.

Take it easy and never force yourself to believe the words but breathe deeply and relax. Let it happen naturally overtime and you will start believing the affirmations. Start saying ‘you can do it’ or ‘you can face through the difficult situation without fear’ and sooner it will be ingrained and you will build up confidence and strength to complete a task or face a situation without fear.


Certain oils are beneficial in calming the nerves and lowering the fearful feeling. Rose, lavender, valerian and rosemary oils are commonly used for treating anxiety disorders.


 The oils are diluted or sprinkled over a handkerchief or mixed in bathwater for inhalation and achieving its beneficial effects in overcoming phobias. One must consult an aromatherapy specialist to know the exact amount of oils to be used for overcoming phobias as high amounts of inhalation of these oils can prove harmful too.

Talk Therapy

Acknowledge your fears and understand it to reduce the seriousness of the specific phobia. Perform talk therapy and speak out all fears to someone with whom you feel comfortable mentioning it.

Ask for assistance for undergoing desensitization process by repeating exposure to the factor of phobia in order to get sensitized with the causative factor. This serves as mental reprocessing that is aimed at making one comfortable with the object or situation, causing fear or phobia.

Bach Flower Remedy

This remedy is the natural solution for calming the nervous system and easing stress off the neuronal connections. It is a natural medicine prepared from essence of 5 flowers and is available in natural medicines or homeopathic stores.

Bach Flower Remedy

Consume four drops of this remedial solution just 15 minutes before the fear inducing act. Then repeat consumption after every 15 minutes till one hour and then continue having it after every 3 hours, if phobia still persists. Those who are on some other medications must consult the doctor, before making use of this remedy to avoid any cross reaction with the prescribed drugs.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.