15 Wonderful Benefits Of Green Mussels On Your Health

Benefits Of Green Mussels On Your Health

Green lipped mussels also known as the green shell mussels are found in New Zealand that helps in treatment of variety of health issues like that of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Other than that they also helps in treating cancer, asthma and daytime wheezing. The oil extract from this muscles acts as an inflammatory agent that is totally natural and very powerful.

Here Are The 15 Wonderful Benefits Of Green Mussels On Your Health:

Aches And Pain

Green mussels helps in relieving all pains and aches that re related to that of arthritis chronic conditions. Applying this might get you to the best shape that you have been in order to get rid of the pains and the aches you are suffering from.

Aches And Pain

Reduce Inflammation

Green mussels also helps in reducing all the inflammation in the body. The components in the product are anti- inflammatory in nature and helps to reduce them.

Reduce Inflammation

External Appearance

Experts say that beauty comes from within the person. It is very important that you feed your skin from the inside. Researches have shown that green lipped mussels get a long way in order to enhance the beauty from within the body. It results are almost instant and they strengthen the appearance of the skin nails and hairs.

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Circulatory System

Regularly having green mussels powder will help you to reduce the chances of heart attack or any other circulatory diseases that you might be suffering from. The health circulation is produced in such a way that it strengthens the interior of the arterial walls and helps o improve the blood flow of the body.

Boost Blood Circulation

Immune System

Green mussels helps the body to resist the bacterial and the viral infections to get accelerate the formation of anti-bodies and avoid them to attack the body. It tends to make the immunity system of the body stronger and more progressive working.

Immune System

Bones And Teeth

The bones and teeth structure of the body is strengthened as you have more green mussels in your diet. These helps to strengthen the structure of the teeth by helping the surrounding tissues to be holding the teeth together.

Boost Bone Health

Nervous System

Green mussels has been found to have great effect on the nervous system of the body as it tends to improve the nerve cells of the body. Making this product a regular part of your diet leads to improved muscles, tissues and organs stimulation.

nervous system


The potential of fertility in the body is increased by the use of green mussels. Consuming this increases the viscosity of the seminal fluid in the body and the cervical mucus are increases in women making it potentially more active to get fertile.



The chemical composition of green mussels are very good as per the fatty acids are concerned. It is an ideal source for the basic nutrients that you need in the body to stay healthy and vigorous.

Detoxify Your Body

Treats Asthma

Researches has shown that there are particular extracts in New Zealand which has proved to decrease day time wheezing and simultaneously increase and improve the breathing in many people suffering from asthma.



Green mussels extract from the mouth helps in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis which include stiffness and pain. There are plenty of researches which has proved to be otherwise. Most of the studies show that the extract that is used in these researches has proved to cure osteoarthritis.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Green mussels has its share of very different extracts. Some of those extracts can be used to reduce the symptoms of RA which include stiffness and pain.

Manage Arthritis

Connective Tissue Treatment

Green mussels has also been noted to treat problems like connective tissues diseases which can be very much effecting the person if suffering from the same.

Connective Tissue Treatment

Respiratory Conditions

Other than asthma, there are several other respiratory problems which are to be deal with. Using green mussels as a part of your regular diet can help you to get over the situation to have no respiratory problems.

Healthy Respiratory System

Treatment For Migraines

Green mussels can be used for the treatment of migraines. It is basically a recurrent headache which typically targets one side of the brain and results to nausea and disturb the vision of the eye under the circumstances. Green mussels can be used to make the condition fade away with ease.

Removes Migraines and Headaches

The oil extricated from green lipped mussels is rich in Omega 3s, a to a great degree capable wellbeing supplement. The supplements of these mussels can likewise be separated in a powder structure which is just as successful at treating incendiary sicknesses and joint agony, with numerous other going with medical advantages.

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