15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kohlrabi

Health Benefits Of Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is basically the German term for “cabbage turnip”. Kohlrabi is a vegetable that is more likely broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. It looks like a root but is actually a swollen stem. Its shape is similar to that of broccoli stem but the taste is milder and a touch of radish flavor to it. There are plenty of different ways to eat it. You can consume them raw or barbeque them or stir fry them. Kohlrabi is actually a nutrient rich vegetable which originates from Eastern Europe. There are several advantages of having kohlrabi.

Given Below Is A List Of Health Benefits From Kohlrabi:

Nutrient Dense

Kohlrabi is a nutrient rich vegetable and has high nutrient to calories ratio. More the nutrient to calorie ratio, healthier the food is. Nutrients are the things that are required by the body in order to execute numerous functions. In fact this vegetable has so many minerals and vitamins that even some of the RDA approved medicines seem to be less effective.

Nutrient Dense

Improve Circulatory System

Kohlrabi has low saturated fats and has very low cholesterol levels. This makes up the fact that they help in having healthier heart and a very good circulatory system. High amount of saturated fat boosts up the cholesterol level in the blood. This results in various heart diseases like stroke and cardiac arrest.


Healthy Immune System

Kohlrabi’s immunity improving ability is related to increase in the vitamin C content of the body. A cup of kohlrabi has about 140% of RDA in vitamin C.

Immune System

Heart Problems

A very powerful defense mechanism is important to avoid the common cold and cancer. Other than that kohlrabi helps in absorption of vitamin C and enables rejuvenating the vitamin E supply.

Heart health

Healthy Digestion

Kohlrabi is very good method to obtain dietary fibers. This fiber helps bowel frequency and helps promote healthy intestine and colon. They are also essential in protecting the populace of the fine bacteria. All this functions helps in reducing the chance of digestion problems and colon cancer.

Improves Digestion (2)

Proper Nerve And Muscle Function

A cup of raw kohlrabi has 14% of potassium. Potassium plays a major role in assigning muscle and nerve functioning. It also helps in keeping the carbohydrates utilize the fuel of the muscles.

Proper Nerve And Muscle Function

Cancer Prevention

Kohlrabi consists of some of the essential phytochemical which is very important for the avoidance of cancer. The high anti oxidant content of kohlrabi helps in limiting the free radical harm to the cells.


Weight Loss

Kohlrabi has fantastic nutrients to calorie ratio. Other than that it is loaded with dietary fiber which helps a lot in encouraging healthy metabolic process and manages the body weight. This is one of the best elements that you can have in your weight loss program.

Faulty weight loss programs


The high content of potassium in Kohlrabi helps it to be incorporated in making alkalizing drinks in order to reserve the over acidification of the drink.



Kohlrabi has high anti oxidants which assists in combating asthma as well as other lung difficulties. Including this vegetable on a regular basis in the diet can help you a lot in getting rid of asthma.



Kohlrabi is very effective in reducing the problem of indigestion. Making a juice of kohlrabi, celery and carrot helps in smoothening the digestive tract of the body.

Improves Digestion (2)

Cells and Tissues functioning

Kohlrabi has high vitamin content and enzymes which helps in stimulating the body and also helps in managing the functioning of the cells and tissues. Consuming a glass of kohlrabi juice with carrot and green apple each day in the morning can help you to boost up the cells and tissues functioning.

Red blood cells

Skin Problems

Kohlrabi juice also helps in getting rid of all skin difficulties. Consuming the juice frequently give the body a lot of water during the day to get greater outcome.


Stabilize Blood Pressure

Kohlrabi has huge content of magnesium. Other than that it has vitamin B which is crucial in stabilizing the blood pressure of the body. More importantly magnesium plays a very important role in preserving the bones of the body and solves heart health problems.

Blood Pressure

Treats Diabetes

Kohlrabi helps in relieving stagnancy which is efficient Candida and other viral infections like edema. This vegetable helps in stabilizing the sugar levels in the blood and disproportion within diabetes. Other than that they also tend to helps solve hypoglycemia individuals.


This vegetable is grown in well drained fertile soil and requires great source of sunlight. All of the vegetable has high nutrient value and is very low in calories making it one of the best vegetables as per as the nutrient value is concerned.

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