15 Benefits Of Prickly Pear For Skin, Hair And Health

Prickly Pear For Skin, Hair And Health

Prickly Pears is a fruit that grows in the leaves of Nopales cacti which is spread throughout south as well as North America. The best thing about this fruit is that it grows in the edge of the leaves. This is probably one of the lowland cacti in the world. The fruit is oval in shape and has a range of colors extending from yellow, green, orange red and pink which depends on the ripeness and variety of the fruit. Let us take a closer look into the unique health components that are found in prickly pears.

Here Are The 15 Benefits Of Prickly Pear For Skin, Hair And Health:

Keeps Diabetes Under Control

Prickly pear helps in keeping the diabetes under control and regular consumption of prickly pear helps in aiding diabetics and also helps in reducing the excess of blood glucose level to the optimum point.


Bowel Movements

Prickly pear is rich in dietary fibers which when consumed regularizes the bowel movements in the body and thus helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Eases Bowel Movement

Hangover Effect

Prickly pear is a great remedy to reduce the day hangover effects that are caused due to alcohol consumption. It helps in the way that helps in reduction of the pro inflammatory mediators which is responsible for inducing obvious and uncomfortable feelings like head spin, dry mouth and nausea.

Hangover Issues

Treats Pancreatitis

Due to the fibrous content of prickly pear, it helps in colon cleanser that helps can be beneficial to the agents that helps treats pancreatitis and other related complications.

Treats Pancreatitis

Optical Disorders

Prickly pears is rich in flavonoid contest that helps in preventing degeneration that helps in aiding and fight cataract formation. Other than that it also helps in keeping a healthy eye sight and provide nutrients to eyes.


Inflammatory Diseases

Prickly pear is packed of anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine agents that acts as antagonist which helps in releasing of pro inflammatory components.


Treats Cancer

Pears are rich in flavonoid components which are reported to remove all the harmful free radicals and helps in boosting up the oxidant enzymes. This will lower the risks of developing cancer on the breast, lungs.


Cardiovascular Health

The substances in pear optimizes the adherence in the blood which is a component to turn aids in keeping steady blood flow.

Improves Cardiovascular Health


As it is rich in anti-oxidants vitamin K and E prickly helps in neutralizing free radicals which protects the skin from damages which otherwise else might cause aging.

It worsens with age

Healthy Skin

Regular consumption of this fruit helps in getting healthy skin that glows and smoothens the skin.

Combination Skin

Heals Bruises And Wounds

The anti-inflammatory effects of the prickly pear seed oil helps in healing cuts, wounds and bad bruises.


Nourishes Hair

As the fruit is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and protein, it helps in nourishing the core of the hair and give a healthy natural hair.

Soothes Your Hair

Hair Growth

The nutritional content of the prickly pear helps in keratin production that aids in hair growth and provides strength to the hair.

Hair Growth

Shiny Hair

The fruit soaked water massage on the hair can help you get healthy and silky soft hair.


Weight Loss

This fruit has fiber that have low calories and fat and helps in reducing extra fat.

Faulty weight loss programs

Before eating a prickly pear it is very important that you remove the ski and peel it off so that all the spines are removed. After that the fruit can be used for a variety of things like eating them raw or dry or are sometimes made to jams, jellies and candies.

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