9 Benefits Of Yam For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits Of Yam For Skin Hair And Health

We get Yam in West Africa. It is starchy tuber vegetable and it has lots of rich nutrients for the health. Yams are traditional vegetable of the Africa. The botanical name of the yam is Dioscoreaceae and it is of Dioscorea genus. There are almost 2100 varieties of the Yam varies from different colours. This is just like sweet potatoes, but the benefits of Yam is more than the sweet potato. Yams are rich in the protein 100 gm of the Yam has 200 calories of the energy. It has Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and niacin. These ingredients is good for the health of the skin, hair and health.

Here Are The Benefits Of The Yams:

1- Health Benefits Of The Yam

Yams is full of so of the vitamins and the minerals. These are used as remedy for many health problems. Here are some of the health problems, that can be solved by the Yam-

Skin And Respiratory Problems

Yam is using as an Ayurvedic Medicine from many years. Yam has allantoin, a cell proliferate that is used for the healing of the wounds. Yam can be use for ulcers, boils and other skin diseases. It has the decoctin, which is  good for the digestion system. It can also be used as a medicine for the bronchial irritation, cough and many respiratory problems.

Improves Respiration

Female Endocrine System

Yam is very useful for the hormonal replacement in the women who has the menopausal problem. The enzyme which is present in the Yam is used as an alternative to the menopausal. It is very much useful for the  Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) as it has the Vitamin B6. It is use in the depression also.


Nutrient Absorption In The Body

It is very difficult to digest Vitamins, fats and other enzymes. We need some extra thing to digest all of them. We should take the Yam juice in the morning. The liquid form of the Yam will digest all the enzymes and other nutrients. Yam is acid in nature and good for digestion system also.

Aids Digestion

2- Skin Benefits Of The Yam

Yam has lots of vitamins that is very much beneficial for the skin. Here are some of them-

Delay In  Ageing Spots

Yam is used for anti ageing. Yam has the Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Vitamin C has the best properties for reducing the dark spots while Vitamin B6 has the property for removing the wrinkles of the face. Is also has the beta carotine which has the properties to stop the further ageing of the skin.


Stimulates Collagen Production

Yam is full of the anti oxidants which is very much useful for the skin. Yam triggers our body to produce collagen. Collagen is best for the skin as it protects our skin for the ultra violet rays of the sun. It also useful in preventing the skin cancer. It protects our skin from the pollution also.

Skin Moisturizing Recipe

Face Packs

Yam is used as face packs also. Take Yam and the leaves and boil it. Allow it  to cool, now add some of the honey into it. Now make a paster of it and then apply it on the face for at least 35 minutes. Now clean it with the water. Your face will look younger. You can also do pedicure by the Yam. Take the water and boil it with the Yam. Now rest your place in the water, it will give relax to the feet.

Face Pack for Acne

3- Hair Benefits of the Yam

Yam is very much useful for the hair also. Here are some of the benefits of the hairs-

Hair Growth

Yam is very much useful for the hair growth. Its has antocyanins  and beta carotene, which is useful for the hair growth. Yam has Vitamin C as a main ingredient, which is most useful for the dead scalp. It allow the scalp to grow the hair again.

Hair Growth

Stop Hair Greying and Hair Fall

Yam has the Vitamin B6, which provides the melanin to the hair. Melanin gives the black colour to the hair. It also hydrates the scalp and give strength to the scalp. Healthy Scalp holds the hair very firmly and hair fall is reduced. Yam will also give shine to the scalp and also your hair will look silky and milky.

Reduces hair fall and hair damage

Proper Blood Circulation In Scalp

Yam has the iron content in it. Iron will allow the blood to flow in vessels with full of the oxygen and anti oxidants. Low iron content in the body will give you serious problems like thin hair, grey hair, hair fall , baldness and other also. So we must ensure that we take a sufficient amount of the iron. We must eat Yam daily to keep our body safe.

itchy scalp

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