How To Cut 500 Calories Every Day

Cut 500 Calories Every Day

Obesity can be controlled by making changes in our diet. Taking a high calorie diet is the main cause of obesity. Packaged foods and processed foods also have very high calories. Eating such foods can make you obese. The best way to reduce the body weight is to reduce the amount of calories in the daily diet. We have the freedom to choose healthy foods that don’t contain fat. Ensure that the food you eat is good for your health and doesn’t make you fat. You should take a low calorie diet while avoiding fried and fast foods. We will give some tips for reducing the calorie intake. Following are some tips on how to cut 500 calories every day.

Here Are The Ways To Cut 500 Calories Every Day:

Read Food Labels

Many of us are not aware of the calorie content of foods we buy from the market. This makes us eat high calorie foods without knowing about it. Thus, you should always read the labels of foods you purchase from the market. If the label shows high calories, don’t buy that food product. It will help you in making wise foods choices. Always buy foods with fewer amounts of calories.

Read Food Labels

Take a Healthy Breakfast

Take a healthy breakfast consisting of nutritious foods. Avoid skipping breakfast. Start your day with a cereal that contains fiber. Instead of drinking whole milk, you should drink skimmed milk. Use skimmed milk for making tea and coffee.

Never Skip Breakfast

Do Walking And Dancing

Skinny people manage to control their body weight by walking a lot. Walking is the easiest exercise that does not need any equipment and training. Do walking several times in a day in between your daily works at home and office. You can also play some nice music and do dancing.


Make Healthy Food Choices

Choose healthy foods instead of eating high calorie foods. Whole wheat pita is very healthy. Avoid sandwiches with mayonnaise. It is better to make sandwiches with hummus. Eat chocolate cookies instead of eating chocolate bar.

Eating Fruits And Vegetables Daily

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Taking sugary drinks can lead to obesity. These drinks have lot of sugar and calories in it. Avoid taking sweet beverages like soda and fruit juice. Drink plain water to quench your thirst. Don’t add sugar to tea and coffee. Avoid alcohol and beer as it contains high sugar and calories too.

Drinking one’s favorite beverage helps

Avoid Salad Dressings

Adding toppings and dressing to salads increases it calorie content. Avoid adding cheese, croutons and rich creamy dressings to the salads you eat. Make healthy salads with low calorie vegetables without adding dressing to it.

Use Salad Dressings

Choose Vegetarian Foods

Non-vegetarian foods like red meat and beef are very high in calories. Choose vegetarian foods that have less fat and calories. Instead of eating burgers made with meat and beef patties, you can choose vegetable burgers.

Healthy Vegetable

Control Portion Size

Eating large quantity of food increases the calorie intake leading to the problem of obesity. Thus, learn to control the portion size of foods you eat. Eat small amounts of foods. Reduce the amount of snacks, breads, fried foods and fruit juice you take. Eat in smaller plates and drink half glass juice.

Reduce your portion size

Tale Low Calorie Foods

Eating fatty foods can make you overweight. We all love to eat cake, desserts, brownie and ice cream. All these foods have very high calories. Avoid such foods. Take low fat foods like fruit and yogurt. Avoid buying popcorn at the movie theater.

Keep a check on your calories

Avoid Fried Foods

Eating fried foods and snacks is not good for health. The readymade snacks bought from the food shops contain lot of fat and calories. Eating food fried in oil and clarified butter causes obesity. Instead of eating fried potato chips, you can have baked chips. Eating baked snacks is a better option than taking fried foods.

Avoid Fried Foods

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