8 Yoga Exercises For A Stronger Core

8 Yoga Exercises For A Stronger Core

The torso of our body is often referred to as the core area. It includes the muscles deep inside the abdomen and the back. The muscles of this area determine our body movements. Hips and shoulders are the peripheries of the core. We need to have a strong core for good posture, arm balance, and a well-toned torso. It will help in the proper functioning of our hands and legs. You can get a stronger core by doing exercises. The yoga exercises are especially very beneficial for the core area. There are many types of yoga exercises for making the core strong. We will explain some easy exercises and poses. Include these exercises in your daily exercise routine and do them regularly.

Following Are The 8 Yoga Exercises For A Stronger Core

1. Chair Pose

Chair pose is an easy yoga exercise that is just as you are sitting on a chair. For this, stand straight in a mountain pose. Take in a deep breath and lift both the arms upwards above the head with a distance of the shoulder width. Take out a deep breath and bend both knees. After this, do a squatting movement by lowering the body in the air as you sit on a chair. Hold the position, take in a deep breath and lift upwards to straighten the body.

Chair Pose

2. Staff Posture

Staff posture is meant for making the core area strong and well toned. This is a simple pose in which you have to maintain a seated position on the floor. Take both the legs forward straight ahead of you to extend them. Place the hands flat on the floor near the hips. Press the hips. Elongate the spine. Open the chest at the arm level. Pull your toes towards you. Hold and maintain the position for some time.


Staff Posture

3. Dolphin Plank

Lie down on the floor on the stomach for doing the dolphin plank yoga pose. Lift the body upwards with arms and palms resting flat downwards on the lower surface. Keep the elbows below the shoulders with the arms straight. Walk with the feet backwards taking the front of the body near the spine. Press the toes downwards and take the heels towards the thighs. Lift the head upwards for a neck curve. Stretch the crown area to lengthen the body just like a dolphin.


4. Crab Pose

Crab pose is a yoga exercise made with a crab-like posture made with the body. For this, first maintain a staff posture. Sit on the floor by bending the knees. Keep some space between the feet. Place the feet straight on the lower surface. Position the arms near the hips. Lift the hands and legs together upwards while inhaling. Looks towards the roof of the room. Lift the hips upwards for making a crab-like position. Take the hips downwards in a starting position while exhaling.

Crab Pose


5. Locust Pose

Locust pose is very easy to do and it helps in making the core area very strong. For this, lie down with face downwards and the body on the floor on the stomach. Place the hands near the chest. Bend the elbows. Lift the upper body from the chest upwards. Lift the feet also upwards from the floor. Take the arms behind the back and hold both hands together keeping the fingers locked. This is the locust pose. Return to the starting position.


6. Half Bow

Half bow yoga pose helps in strengthening the core. Lie down on the floor on the stomach with some gap between the feet. Place the palm of one hand flat on the floor downwards. Bend the knee of the same side. Lift the opposite hand and take it behind the back to hold the other side heel with the hand. Kick the leg and lift it upwards. Lift the chest and upper body upwards. Hold and release. Do this with the other side also.

7. Boat Pose

Boat pose is an effective yoga exercise for the core area. It is done in a sitting position on the lower surface or ground. Bend the knees. Place the toes flat on the surface. Hold the thighs with the hands near the knees. Press the thighs towards the hips. Take the chest upwards. Lift the legs upwards to make a boat like pose with the legs, hips and upper body. Hold and come back.


8. Knee-To-Arm Plank

Knee-to-arm plank is an easy exercise for getting a stronger core. Maintain a dolphin plank position. When you do this, take the knee of one leg towards the upper arm of the same side just as you are touching the arm with the knee. Stop and lift the upper body and take it backwards. Press with the heel. Do a hugging movement with the arms. Do deep breathing for five counts. Return to starting position.


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