7 Desk Stretches For Tight Shoulders

7 Desk Stretches For Tight Shoulders

Stiffness and tightness in the shoulders is a common problem especially who work and sit on a computer for a long time. It can also occur when you carry heavy weights and talk on a mobile phone that presses on the shoulder. This makes the muscles tight leading to tension in the back, tight shoulders and neck pain. If the neck is tilted or bent forwards, it spoils the posture and there is a strain on the neck and shoulder tissues. Staying still at a desk is a very bad habit that causes many problems like pain and tightness in the body. It can lead to serious health problems. Thus, it is important to address the problem before it becomes worse. Avoid stress and sedentary life to fight this problem. Do easy exercises like desk stretches to reduce the tension and stress in the shoulder. We will suggest some effective desk exercises for tight shoulders.

Following Are The 7 Desk Stretches For Tight Shoulders:

1. Chin Retractions

When the neck stays static without movement for a long time, it makes the shoulders tight. Do chin retractions to deal with this problem. For this, do a forward and backward movement of the chin. Tuck the chin into the throat while taking doing the backward movement. Do this ten times. Repeat in every one-hour interval.

Chin Retractions

2. Behind The Back Neck Stretch

Stand near your desk with some gap between the two feet. Place the hands at the side of the body. Take the hands behind the back and clasp them together. Hold the wrist of one hand with the opposite hand. Make the arm straight away from the body. Feel the stretch in the neck and hold for half a minute. Do this with both sides.

Behind The Back Neck Stretch


3. Upper Trapezius Stretch

Upper trapezius stretch is a very good stretching exercise for the shoulders. Sit on a chair and tilt the head towards the side touching the shoulders. Extend the arm and hold the tilted side of the head with the palms to feel a pull and stretch on the neck. Hold and return to the original position. Do this two times. Repeat with the opposite side.

Upper Trapezius Stretch


4. Neck Roll

Neck roll is a simple and effective stretching exercise for the tight shoulders. Do this exercise by tilting your head towards the side. Do a rolling movement by taking the chin towards the chest area and then taking it towards the opposite side slowly. Thus, you roll the neck from right to left or vice versa. Do the movement five times.

Neck Roll


5. Triceps Stretch

The triceps stretch help in loosening the tight triceps muscles of arms and this makes the tight shoulders relaxed and loose. Sit on a chair. Fold the arm of one hand in half from the elbow and place it behind the neck on the back. Hold the elbow of this hand with the opposite palm. Stretch the arms by pulling the folded elbow. Take the elbow down. Repeat with the opposite side.

Triceps Stretch

6. Armpit Stretch

Armpit stretch is a stretching exercise that imitates the movement of smelling the armpits. Sit on a chair and rotate the head towards the side. Let your nose be near the armpit as if you are trying to smell it. Place the opposite hand on the head using it to press on the armpit to feel a stretch. Hold and come back. Do this two times. Repeat with the opposite side.

Armpit Stretch


7. Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are another very effective exercise for tight shoulders. Stand or sit on a chair. Start rolling the shoulders by taking it upwards. Move the shoulders backward and downwards for a roll. Do the rolling ten times. Repeat in opposite direction also.

Shoulder Rolls

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