8 Highly Effective Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

Having itchy eyes may irritate a person and also increase the level of their frustration. It frequently affects people who live in polluted areas of the city as the dust and impurities enter their eyes. In case, your eye itchiness is increasing day by day, it is better to consult a doctor to see what is the real cause for such a condition.

In order to provide some instant and natural relief to your eyes, there are certain home remedies easily available which will be discussed further in this article.They are available in your kitchen itself and are indeed safe to use on your eyes. The common causes of itchiness in your eyes might be due to the excessive exposure to sun’s radiations, dust particles in the air, allergies, chlorine in the water etc.

Itchiness in eyes can be caused by two types of allergies: seasonal allergies causing conjunctivitis and allergies caused due to the presence of pollen grains in the air. For safe and effective home remedies for itchy eyes, scroll further and read more.

Best Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

1. Cucumber

Cucumber serves as the one stop solution to most of your eye problems. It gives your eyes a cooling effect and also has several anti irritation properties. It can be easily found in your kitchen and you can surely get some relief for your eye itchiness, inflammation, swelling and also eye puffiness. After you cut thin slices of cucumber, refrigerate it for about 15-20 minutes, so that it is cold and will give you good relief. Lie down and place these cut pieces of cold cucumber on your eyes and rest for a while. Repeat the same at least 4 to 5 times a day to have good results on itchiness.

2. Rosewater

The benefits of rosewater for reducing eye itchiness have also been proved beneficial since long. You may either pour a few drops of rosewater in the distilled water you use to rinse your face or or even put 3-4 drops directly into the affected eye. As soon as you put the drops, you will notice instant relief from itchiness. Rosewater is a safe remedy for your eyes as it contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C with various anti- inflammatory properties which work well for the natural healing of your eyes.


3. Aloe Vera

A freshly cut pod of aloe vera is all that you require to relieve your eye of itchiness. The medicinal values of aloe vera is very effective not only for the itchiness of the eye but also eye puffiness and inflammation. Being a good effective source of anti fungal and anti bacterial properties, aloe vera provides instant relief to your eye itchiness.

4. Take Ample Rest

In case your eyes are affected with itchiness or allergies, do not do any activity that cause strain in your eyes. These include looking into your monitors, mobile phones, watching television, playing games etc. Lie down in a calm and quiet environment and relax. Take a deep breath and let your eyes take care of the problem naturally, in case it is a mild allergy. When tears are produced from your eyes, it is a natural mechanism of the eye to clear off any dust particles or impurities from within.

5. Care For Eyes

Along with taking rest, another important factor is to look after your eyes. These factors include maintaining clean bed sheets, pillow covers and also getting rid of eye makeup till the itchiness gets resolved completely. If these things are not kept in mind, it will aggravate the itchiness.

Also, the eye products which were used before and during the eye itchiness should not be used anymore and have to be thrown away. Avoid constant contact of your hands into the eyes as your hands might be the source of dirt and impurities which are not visible with naked eye. By rubbing your hands into your eyes, you are actually transferring the dirt into your eyes. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching your eyes.

6. Water And Salt

Using water and salt, you can make the most effective home made eye cleanser which works well for your eyes. Take a cup of water (distilled) and pour a teaspoon of salt into it. Take a container and boil this solution until the salt dissolves well in it.

Do not use tap water for this solution as it contains chlorine and other chemicals which will harm your eyes even more. When it cools down, use this solution to wash your eyes. You can do this twice daily to get rid of all the impurities and bacteria causing redness and itchiness in your eyes.

7. Milk

Milk is yet another effective home remedy for eye itchiness. For this, you will need some cold milk and a cotton swab to apply it around your eye area. You will sense an instant cooling effect and itchiness will be drastically reduced. You can repeat the same procedure twice during the daytime and once at night, an hour before you go to bed. Also, milk is proved to be good antidote for eye puffiness and red eye as well.

8. Carrot Juice

Everyone might have come across instances in life when your mother compelled you to either eat carrots or drink carrot juice saying that it is good for your eyes. When the topic is about eyes, carrots cannot be missed out at all. Yes, carrots have great nutritional benefits as they are one of the major sources of Vitamin A and beta carotene. The other nutrients contained in them are vitamin K, vitamin B (vitamin B6, riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin and folate) and vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol). This helps a person to get rid of eye itchiness easily as they also strengthen the eyes.

Hence, it is advised to drink at least a glass of carrot juice every day to maintain your eyes healthy and to keep your eyes away from eye problems. Apart from eyes, carrots also prove to be of great use in treating problems related to hair, bones and skin.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.