8 Easy Natural Cures For Stuttering

Stuttering, also known as stammering is basically a speech disorder due to which the normal speech flow is disturbed. The correct reason or cause for such a disorder is not yet known.

Research indicates that this is more of an emotional problem than a nervous disorder. It is also considered to be hereditary. Stuttering starts with repeating consonants. This can be effectively treated using natural ways.

Easy Natural Cures For Stuttering

1. Indian Gooseberry

Take a fresh Indian gooseberry and keeping it over the tongue chew it for some time and then eat it. Do this every morning for a few months.

Thick tongues are more prone to stuttering. Chewing and eating gooseberry everyday will thin the tongue and cure you of the stuttering.

2 Honey And Salt

We all know the healing qualities that honey has. To cure stuttering take 1 table spoon honey and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix them well and rub it to the tongue.

Keep rubbing this mixture for 10 minutes every day in the morning.  Continue doing this for a couple of months and you can notice a visible difference.

Honey And Salt

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3. Speak To Yourself

Speaking with yourself helps a great deal, as your confidence level is boosted. Just stand in front of a mirror and imagine that the person in the mirror is someone else and you are speaking to him or her. Do this at least 30 minutes a day. Speak small sentences, and without any fear. If you find it strange to talk to yourself, you can also get the help of a friend or family member and speak to them continuously for 30 minutes on any topic.


4. Muslin Cloth

To cure a person or a child suffering from stuttering, try this method.  Take a muslin cloth and with it hold the tip of the tongue. Now, slowly give a jerk to the tongue pulling it forward.

Do this once a day for a few months, the stammering/ stuttering will be gone. Be careful not to hurt the child and pull the tongue gently.

5. Exercise

Open your jaws wide and while it is still open stretch the tongue inwards.  Try to take the tip of your tongue towards the back of the mouth, dragging it through the roof of your mouth.  Then keeping your mouth still open, bring your tongue out stretching it as much as you can.

Try touching your chin with the tip of your tongue. Do these exercise 3-4 times a day.  This has to be done for a couple of months to completely heal stuttering.


6. Clarified Butter

Clarified butter or ghee prepared from cow milk is known for its healing properties. It is even used in ayurvedhic medicines.  Cow ghee helps boost the function of brain and gives good memory power.

Have 1 table spoon after meals twice a day and it will help heal the problem of stuttering, although the progress is quite slow.

Clarified Butter

7. Black Pepper And Almond

Make a mixture of black pepper and almond. Add some water and sugar to this and make a fine paste. You must consume this paste every morning for atleast 2 months. The stuttering will reduce by a great extent with this natural cure.


8. Brahmi Oil

Brahmi is a flowering plant which is white or pinkish in color and is an invaluable herb in treating many diseases. Take some brahmi oil and warm it a bit. Apply it slowly over the head and massage it gently. Be careful that the oil is not hot but just warm enough to pour it over the head.

Leave it on for at least an hour. Then wash your head, with warm water. Brahmi oil will help boost memory power and the brain. Do this continuously, every night for a couple of months.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.