5 Natural Cures For Anal Fissures

5 Natural Cures For Anal Fissures

Anal fissure is a minute cut in the inner lining of the anus (an opening through which the human body passes out the stool). This is common in both men and women and occurs in all age group that is from infants to old people. The cause of anal fissure is strain on the anus and the anal canal while passing out stools.

It is caused by passing hard stools repeatedly and while suffering from severe diarrhea conditions. Symptoms of anal fissure are severe pain during bowel movement, blood on the stool or on the toilet paper used, pain for long hours after passing out stools, itching on the skin around the anus and lumps or tags near the fissure. Here are some natural cures for anal fissure:

Natural Ways To Cure Anal Fissures

1. Drink Lot Of Water

Drinking lot of water makes a positive impact on overall health. Water helps in proper circulation of nutrients in the body. A high intake of water helps in flushing out the poisonous substances or toxins from the body thus making the functioning of each body part smooth.

Water acts as lubricant while passing out stools, reduces constipation and also reduces the probability of passing hard stools which is one of the major causes of anal fissure.


2. Use Of Moist Wipes To Clean Anal Area

Cleanliness of the anal area is very important when you suffer from anal fissures. If the affected area is not cleaned properly, it will lead to infection. To clean the affected area, use the medicated wet wipes with aloe, baby wipes or medicated pads.

Medicated wipes helps in keeping the anal area moistened and these wipes are not abrasive while cleaning the fissure area. They help in relieving the pain caused by dried area and rough tissue being used.

Moist Wipes To Clean Anal Area

3. Increase Intake Of Fiber

Constipation is the other major cause of the anal fissure. When having constipation, more strain is put to pass out the stools, which means putting too much pressure on anus. This force causes tearing of the anal tissue.

Fibers are found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, which prevent constipation. Dietary fibers also relieve irritable bowel syndrome and aids in passing smoother bowel. Fibers should be consumed between 20 – 35 grams in a day.

Increase Intake Of Fiber

4. Regular Sitz Bath

In sitz bath a plastic bowl is kept on top of the toilet and filled with water and little Epsom salt added to it. It improves the blood circulation to the anus and thus helps in healing the anal fissure and also prevents from infection. Person having anal fissure must do sitz bath two to three times in a day and must try to sit in sitz bath containing warm water and salt for 15-20 minutes.


5. Use Coconut Oil

In anal fissure the anal sphincter dries out, to keep this area moistened the coconut oil is the best option. Coconut oil moisturizes every part and lining of the body very effectively.

Coconut oil is known for its healing property of wounds. Coconut oil should be applied to sphincter two to three times in a day. If the anal fissure is chronic then the coconut oil should be applied several times in a day.

Coconut Oil

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.