Top 5 Dumbbells Exercises

Dumbbells ExercisesDo you wish to flaunt an awe inspiring body that is well built, muscular and toned? If yes, dumbbell exercises are just the thing for you. Dumbbells are better than other weight training equipment that make use of resistance. For one, they require very less storage, cost less and you can use them at home. Besides, dumbbells are very effective in stabilizing body muscles which are important for maintaining balance, vigor and posture.

Dumbbell exercises give you the flexibility of targeting specific body areas quite effectively. Check out these useful dumbbell exercises  that will help you acquire a strong and drop dead gorgeous body.

Best Five Dumbbells Exercises

Before starting any of the following dumbbell exercises, make sure to do some warm ups in order to loosen your muscles.

Dumbbell Press

Lie down on your back on a bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Now slowly raise the dumbbells above your head, towards each other so that they face inwards.

Dumbbell Press

Touch the dumbbells together and press them hard inwards. Wait till the count of three before you return to starting position. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Dumbbell Swings

Lie down on the floor, facing the ceiling. Keep your knees bent with soles touching the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lift your left arm upwards above your head so that the dumbbell almost touches the floor behind.

Do not bend your elbow. Count till five before you bring your arm back to starting position. Repeat the same with your right hand. You can perform 8 repetitions for better results.

Dumbbell Push Ups

Lie down on the floor, facing downwards. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Using the dumbbells, assume a push up position. Use the dumbbells to support your body weight. With your left hand on the floor, slowly lift your right hand with the dumbbell towards your chest and then extend it upwards.

Dumbbell Push Ups

Slowly return to starting position and pause for 5 seconds. Repeat the entire sequence with your right arm at least  4 to 5 times.

Dumbbell Bottom Up Moves

Stand straight with your feet hip width apart. Hold a dumbbell vertically in the palm of your left hand at shoulder level. Balance the weight and slowly raise it above your head. Count till five and lower your hand down.

Pass on the dumbbell to your right hand and repeat these steps. Note that hexagonal shaped dumbbells work best for this exercise. Perform 10 repetitions with each hand, making that twenty for both your hands.

Alternate Hammer Curls

Stand with your back straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your hands by your sides, with your elbows close to your torso. Begin with your left arm. Holding your upper arm still, curl the dumbbell with your forearm upwards till your biceps contract fully.

Alternate Hammer Curls

Be in this position for 2 seconds before you bring the dumbbell back to the starting pose. Do the same sequence with your right hand. Repeat this exercise  5 to 6 more times. All these dumbbell exercises allow you to achieve a well built, toned body with strong muscles.

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