7 Yoga Poses For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is group of neurological disease. It is characterized by epileptic seizures.Epileptic seizures can be brief or prolonged shaking episodes. Causes of epilepsy are unknown mainly, but it can be resulted because of brain injury, birth defects or infections. Seizures are controllable with medication in almost 70% of the cases.

Several studies have been done to study effects of Yoga on epilepsy. A study involved three small group of patients with uncontrollable seizures. The group performing yoga for three months observed 86% reduction in seizure frequency in comparison to other two groups not performing Yoga.

Here Are The 7 Yoga Poses For Epilepsy:

1. Sun Salutation

Also called as Suryanamaskar. This superb Yoga exercise which is believed to benefit in many serious conditions, also benefits positively in epilepsy. Sun salutation is series of 12 Yoga exercises combined in one.[1]


2. Fish Pose

Also called as Matsyasana. It is believed to be beneficial in epilepsy. To practise this, sit in lotus pose and lie on your back without raising lotus pose from the ground. Support the weight of the body on the elbows and raise trunk and head. Rest top of the head on the ground and catch hold of the toes.[2]


3. Shoulder Stand

This is nicknamed as mother of yoga poses. It is very beneficial in variety of diseases. This is also called as Sarvangasana. It is helpful in epilepsy. To do this, lie on your back with your hands on the mid back, lift your legs and lower body so that entire weight is on head, neck, shoulder and upper arms.[3]


4. Supine Pelvic Pose

Also called as supt vajrasana. For this, sit on the ground on your heels. Lean backward slowly until your back and neck touches the ground. Place your hands under the nape of your neck. Relax the body in this pose for some time and then rise with help of the elbow. Repeat this exercise a few times. This yoga posture is helpful in epilepsy. It increases energy for the whole body.[4]


5. Wind Relieving Pose

Also known as Pawanmuktasana. This yoga exercise can help person suffering from epilepsy. To do this pose, lie on back and stretch the legs straight. Bend the right knee and hold it with your hands. Press it toward the abdomen. Lifting the head up, touch the knee with the chin while breathing out. Now straighten your legs and breathe in. Repeat the posture with left leg now. After that, lift both your knees and place your chin in between and press your abdomen. Now swing the body back and forth, right to left and left to right 5-10 times.[5]


6. Plow Pose

It is also called as Halasana, this pose is beneficial for people suffering from epileptic seizures. Practice this pose after doing shoulderstand which is also beneficial for epilepsy. While releasing yourself from shoulderstand, lower your leg and feet beyond your head and try to reach as far and as close to ground as possible. Keep you legs straight. do not over strain if legs do not touch the ground. If you are able to touch the ground curl the toes up and point them in your head’s direction.[6]


7. Corpse Pose

Also known as savasana, this yoga posture is very relaxing and enjoyable to do. It is also believed to help in epilepsy. To do this yoga, lie on your back. Spread your arms and legs at about 45 degree angle. Let whole body relax. Be aware of rising and falling of your stomach with each breath. Let all your tension release.[7]


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