7 Standing Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

7 Standing Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious weight problem for which people try various remedies ranging from diets, weight loss supplements, and exercises. When you see your increased body weight affecting your life in a negative way, you may be compelled to think of some solution. Yoga is an effective solution for the obesity problem. It is possible to lose weight and gain a slim figure by doing yoga exercises. The standing yoga poses are especially very beneficial and effective for weight loss. Learn the proper way of doing these exercises in the following article. We will suggest some easy standing yoga exercises for this problem.

Following Are The 7 Standing Yoga Poses For Weight Loss:

1. Angle Pose

Angle Pose helps in toning and losing fat from both the upper and lower limbs. Stand straight keeping some gap between the feet. Inhale and take the arms upwards above the head. Exhale and bend the body towards the side of the body with the arms still above the head. Inhale and lift the body upwards in a standing position. Exhale while lowering the arms down. Do this with the opposite side also.

Angle Pose

2. Downward Dog Pose

The Downward Dog Pose helps in losing fat from the arms. For this, stand straight, bend the body down from the waist and balance the body on two legs and two hands. Face downwards just as a downward facing dog. Let the hands touch the floor while your eyes are seeing down. It is just as you claw and press on the floor with the hands. Bend the knees to do this. Maintain the position and then return to the starting position.

Downward Dog Pose


3. Standing Big Toe Pose

Standing Big Toe Pose starches the hips and calves and is a very good exercise for weight loss. Stand straight and maintain a mountain pose. Keeping the weight of the body on one leg, lift the opposite leg upwards into the air to a ninety-degree angle with the body. Let the thumb of the same side touch the big toe holding tightly. Let the other hand be extended straight towards the side. Maintain the position, hold and then return to a starting position. Repeat with the opposite side.


4. Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose tones the abdomen and limbs. Stand straight with a gap between the feet. Turn one leg outwards at a ninety-degrees and the opposite leg at an angle of fifteen degrees. Press on the floor, inhale and bend the body down towards the side of the body while exhaling. Lift the opposite hand upwards above the head. Touch the floor with the opposite hand that is down. The two arms should be in a straight position. Stretch the arm upwards looking at the palm. The body should be in a side bend position making a triangle. Inhale and return to a starting position. Do this with the opposite side.

5. Bending Big Toe Pose

Bending Big Toe Pose helps in losing fat from the calf area. Stand straight with a gap of six inches between the feet. Lower the body downwards towards the floor while exhaling. Touch and hold the toes with the fingers of the hands when you bend down and press on the toes. Stand and return to the starting position while inhaling. Lift the body upwards.


6. Chair Pose

Chair Pose is a yoga exercise in which you have to do squatting just as you are sitting on a chair in the air. To do this exercise, stand straight with feet close to each other. Lift both arms upwards above the head while inhaling. Bend the knees and lower the body downwards towards the floor while exhaling. Bend in a half sitting position just as you sit on a chair. Hold for half a minute and then return to a starting position while inhaling. Exhale and take the arms down to the side of the body.


7. Pyramid Pose

Pyramid Pose helps in stretching the sides and toning the legs. Stand straight with hands at the side of the body. Turn the neck and body towards the left side. Take a step three feet away. Hold the hips with the hands. Move the right leg at a right angle and the left foot at a sixty-degree angle making a scissor-like position. Move the torso in the direction of feet ahead of you putting the weight on the feet. Take the arms towards the sides while inhaling. Take the arms backward behind the back while exhaling. Hold the elbow of one hand with the other side hand. Take your hand in a pyramid pose in a reverse prayer position. Inhale and lengthen the torso. Exhale and bend the hips over the leg ahead of you. Look at the front toe downwards. Hold and come back to original position. Do this with the opposite side.

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