9 Exercises For A Firm Butt

Exercises For A Firm Butt

The hips or buttocks are very important as it helps us in walking, running and doing our daily movement. Exercise help in toning the muscles of the hips. Building the hip muscles and making them strong with workouts makes our hips strong and firm. It is essential for our movements and mobility. Do easy hip exercises if you are just a beginner who has started to do workout and gradually do slightly difficult exercises at an advanced level. We will suggest some easy exercises for strong butts. Include these exercises in your daily workout routine and do them regularly.

Following Are The 9 Exercises For A Firm Butt:

1. Squat And Run

Squat And Run is a hip exercise that includes both squatting and leg movements. For this, stand straight with both feet placed close to each other. Bend the body downwards and do squatting. While you are in this position, take one leg backward in a tapping movement. Stand on the other leg and tap the foot right and left. Repeat twenty times. Do this with the opposite leg also.

Squat And Run


2. Hip-Lift Progression

Hip-Lift Progression exercise helps in toning the butts while reducing tension in the back. Lie down on the floor with face up on the back. Place the hands beside the body. Bend the knee of both legs. Place the feet flat on the surface. After this, lift the hips upwards. Hold and return to original position. Continue doing this for one minute. For a variation, extend one leg while taking the hips upwards. Hold and return. Repeat with the other side.

Hip-Lift Progression


3. Side Lying Leg Raise

Side Lying Leg Raise exercise for the butts is done in a lying position. For this, lie down on the floor on the side either left or right. Fold the knee of the lower leg from the knee at a right angle. Keep the other leg straight in front. Lift this leg upwards for doing a leg raise movement. Take it back down. Do this ten times. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.

Side Lying Leg Raise

4. Squat Hold And Pulse

The Squat Hold And Pulse exercise is meant for toning the butt muscles. For this exercise, stand straight keeping some distance between the feet. Lift both arms upwards and place them straight in front in line with the shoulders. Do a squatting movement by lowering the body down in a sitting position. Return to a standing position. Do a pulsing movement by bending and standing repeatedly. Do this twenty times in two sets.

Squat Hold And Pulse


5. Dumbbell Stepup

Dumbbell Step-up is a stepping hip exercise that makes the butts very strong. Keep an artificial step in front of you. Stand straight with dumbbells in both hands. Climb on the step with one leg and go back down in the starting position. Repeat several times. Do this with the opposite leg. The alternate stepping up movement will tone the butts. Use a higher step for a more difficult and effective workout with the step.

Dumbbell Stepup

6. Leg Extension With Hip Thrust

Leg Extension With Hip Thrust is another effective exercise for toning the butt muscles. To do this exercise, lie down on the floor on the back. Place the hands on the side. Keep the legs folded and bent from the knee and the toes placed flat on the floor. Lift the hips upwards while extending and lifting one leg upwards. Fold the knee and take it towards the chest with a pulling movement. Extend the leg again in front and return to a starting position. pulse and repeat ten times. Do this with the opposite side also.

Leg Extension With Hip Thrust


7. Squat With Kick Back

Squat With Kick Back is an easy hip exercise. Stand straight with some gap between the feet. Lower the body downwards to do squatting. Place the fists near the chin. Extend and lift one leg behind the back just as you are kicking backward. At the same time, lift and extend both arms upwards in the front. Come back to a squatting position. Do this with the opposite side. Repeat several times.

Squat With Kick Back


8. Bridge-Ups

Doing the Bridge-Ups exercise is a good way to get well-toned hips and butts. Lie down on the floor or the bed on the back. Fold the legs from the knees. Place the feet flat on the lower surface. After this, lift the hips upwards while squeezing the glutes. Make a bridge-like position with the legs, hips and upper body. Take the hips back down. Repeat the movement several times.


9. Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are effective yoga exercises for the butts. To do this exercise, first maintain a downward facing dog position. For this, stand straight and bend the body in an inverted position with face down and arms touching the floor in a down facing dog posture. After that, do a lunge move. Finish the salutations by maintaining a chair pose.

Sun Salutations


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