6 Facts About Cellulite You Have To Know

Facts About Cellulite You Have To Know

Feeling embarrassed to wear miniskirts because of cellulite? Ahh! You are not alone. Cellulite is one such annoying problem which is affecting many people around the world. Anybody could develop cellulite at some point in their life. In fact, cellulite appears when the fat cells beneath the skin expand which can stretch the collagen fiber attached to the fat tissues.

Here Are Few Facts About Cellulite You Must Know And Understand:

Common In Women Than In Men:

Women get more cellulite than men, especially around the thighs and hips. The reason behind it is the arrangement of the collagen fiber. The arrangement of skin collagen in women is arranged in parallel whereas men have it arranged in X-pattern. The parallel arrangement of collagen in women makes cellulite more visible.

Common in women than in men

Cellulite Is Not A Kind Of Fat:

Many have a misconception that cellulite is a kind of bad and unwanted fat. But in fact, it is not. Cellulite is a kind of bump that could be seen when the fat is partitioned into pockets of the skin.

Cellulite Is Not A Kind Of Fat:

It Worsens With Age:

Hormones play a crucial role in the development of cellulite. As women age, their body will not be able to produce enough of estrogen essential for maintaining a smooth flow of blood vessels. Lower levels of estrogen will lead to poor blood circulation thereby reducing the formation of new collagen.

It Worsens With Age

Losing Weight Will Not Make Cellulite Disappear:

Cellulite is not any kind of fat. However, even when you put off some pounds, your tissues remain stretched. Hence, even when you lose a ton, your cellulite will not disappear totally.

Losing Weight Will Not Make Cellulite Disappear

Exercise Might Minimize The Appearance Of Cellulite:

Regular exercise will not completely make cellulite disappear, but it can help in reducing its appearance. Cellulite occurs because of stretching of skin and losing its natural firmness. However, regular exercise can help in toning your body and muscles and tightening your skin thereby making your cellulite areas unnoticeable.

Exercise Might Minimize The Appearance Of Cellulite

Can Cure It Using Creams:

Few studies have found that using creams or products having retinoids can help in creating a thick skin layer that helps avoid bumps temporarily. Few studies also mentioned that products made of ingredients such as ginger, green tea help in reducing fat and breaking the storage area where the fat is dumped. However, this fact is not totally proved.

Can Cure It Using Creams

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