10 Amazing Superfoods To Fight Chronic Pain


Many people across the world complain about chronic pain. This pain occurs in different parts of the body including joints, neck, shoulder etc. The reason behind the chronic pain is inflammation around the affected area which might cause severe swelling and discomfort. However, there are several ways to treat chronic pain and the vital thing is to include superfoods in the diet to maximize the immunity of the body by providing it with all the essential nutrients. Here is the list of superfoods that are to be included in your diet for combating chronic pain and its signs.

Here Are Some Superfoods To Fight Chronic Pain


This superfood is used as a traditional medicine to curb chronic pain and inflammation. Curcumin in it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is applied topically on the skin to ease the discomfort caused due to inflammation. Add a little turmeric to a glass of warm milk and drink it regularly. Include it while cooking food to get the best out of it.


Ginger Tea:

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and ginger tea is considered as a natural pain-killing beverage. A cup of ginger tea does all the magic in treating chronic pain. It has analgesic properties as well and can help treat inflammation.

Ginger Tea

Fenugreek leaves:

Fenugreek leaves are rich in vitamin K and iron and play a vital role in strengthening the bones and joints. Fenugreek leaves help combat chronic pain and prevent it later as well. Its antioxidant properties are helpful in treating and preventing inflammation and swelling.

Fenugreek leaves


Salmon fish is loaded with omega 3s and vitamin D. Hence, consuming it helps in treating chronic pain. Few studies have already mentioned that omega 3s found in fish play a vital role in preventing the development of rheumatoid arthritis.



This delicious superfood plays an effective role in lowering the C-reactive protein levels in the blood. Higher the levels of CRPs increase the chances of severe inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, strokes etc. Rich in antioxidants, strawberries play a pivotal role in relieving pain caused due to inflammation. Enjoy a fresh strawberry salad to get the best quantity of vitamin-C from it.


Cayenne pepper:

Capsaicin is the key ingredient present in cayenne pepper that helps in the production of endorphins that play an important role in relieving chronic pain. Capsaicin will help in inhibiting an enzyme which releases hormones like prostaglandins that cause pain. Including it in your diet can lower the chances of suffering from chronic pain.

Cayenne pepper


Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties that help in relieving chronic pain. It is known for its antibiotic properties and plays a vital role in improving your body’s immune system to combat infections, thanks to the T-helping cells. It is an abundant source of sulfur compounds. Eating a few raw fresh crushed garlic cloves can help reduce inflammation and pain. Garlic oil is also used to apply topically on the affected area because of its analgesic properties.



Sometimes, excessive fat might be a reason behind the chronic pain. Hence, include oatmeal in your diet. It is rich in fiber and helps in burning all the excess fat for healthy functioning of the body thereby preventing chronic pain.



Onions contain an amazing antioxidant called Quercetin. It plays a crucial role in treating inflammation and chronic pain by combating harmful enzymes.



Few studies mentioned that adequate consumption of dairy products regularly can lower the risks of chronic pain. Yogurt is an incredible source of vitamin D, probiotics, and calcium. Vitamin D in it eases the calcium absorption. Probiotics contain good microorganisms that help treat inflammation and pain.


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