15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kale

Featured kaleKale which is also known as borecole is a cruciferous vegetable with green or purple leaves is almost similar to a wild cabbage and is one of the most amazing health foods .It is a power packed combination of many healthy nutrients and therefore should be included in your daily diet. Given below is a list of some of the health benefits of kale.

Here Are TheLlist Of Some Of The Health Benefits Of Kale

Good For Weight Loss:

Kale has only 35 calories and absolutely no fat. Besides it is very high in fiber content thereby helps keeping hunger pangs away. It is therefore a must in your weight reduction program.

Weight Loss

Improves Digestion:

The high fiber content in kale helps in improving digestion. It also aids in proper bowel movement.


Helps Fght Cancer:

The presence of the very important vitamin K makes kale very useful in fighting cancer. Besides it also has antioxidants like cartenoids and flavanoids which also play an important role in the battle against cancer. It also contains sulforaphane which is believed to prevent cancer.


Good For The Blood:

Kale has large amount of iron which improves the hemoglobin levels in blood and thereby good for anemic patients. The presence of large amounts of vitamin K helps in improving blood clotting.

blood clotting

Anti Ageing Benefits:

Kale has several anti oxidants like flavanoids and beta carotene which prevent the damages caused by free radicals which in turn protect the skin from ageing.


Helps Control Blood Pressure:

Kale has quercetin and kaempferol compounds. Both these substances are anti oxidants which are known to control blood pressure.

blood Pressure

Reduces Cholesterol:

Kale contains bile acid sequestrants.The function of these compounds is to prevent the reabsorbtion of bile acids by combing with them, thus resulting in lowering of cholesterol. Kale should be had in the boiled form if you want to reduce cholesterol.


Good For The Bones:

The large amounts of calcium which helps increase bone health.Infact regular consumption of kale helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Good For The Eyes:

Kale contains two very important anti oxidants which prevent ocular damage and cataract. These are lutein and zeaxanthin .Besides it also provides plenty of beta carotene which in turn gives vitamin A which again very essential for healthy eyes.


Good for the brain:

Kale contains certain amino acids which are improve brain health and give you a “feeling good” feel.


Good ForTthe Cardiovascular System:

The presence of various phytonutirents and antioxidants helps in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy .Kale keeps the heart healthy and free from diseases.

cardiovascular system

Provides Large Amount Of Vitamin C:

Kale is known to provide more vitamin C than even orange and besides unlike it has no sugar. Vitamin C boosts the immunity of the body and improves the body’s metabolism.


Helps in keeping the Liver clean:

It detoxifies the liver and removes the impurities mainly due to the presence of sulfur and fiber. It is therefore an essential part of detoxification regime.


Reduces the risk of asthma:

Kale has large amount of omega 3 fatty acids which are important for keeping asthma under control.


Protects against Type 2 Diabetes:

Kale has magnesium which most other foods do not have. Magnesium is said to help against type 2 diabetes.
Kale is thus a marvelous vegetable. Have it boiled or as a salad but do include it in your daily diet for a healthy life.


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