6 Common Signs That You Are Suffering From Kidney Infection

Common Signs That You Are Suffering From Kidney Infection

Kidneys are one of the important organs of the human body. It is the organ that is technically responsible for the elimination of waste from your body. It has an utmost importance in our lives and may be that could be the reason why our bodies are built with two kidneys to symbolize its magnitude. Not only that, a kidney is also accountable for the reproduction of red blood cells in your body. They work constantly in your body and on an average 50% of the population may be susceptible to get a kidney infection/disease in their lifetimes. However, kidney diseases and infections are really silent and they throw out symptoms only rarely. Many people do not know that they are affected by a kidney ailment until the symptoms start to get serious. Also, your lifestyle, smoking habits, and high blood pressure may have a say in your kidney disease. Obesity too can play a factor in this. Kidney diseases are serious ailment and should be dealt with utmost care and medical attention. In most of the cases, the kidney infections and disease will throw out some basic symptoms that you can take note of and get a consultation with your doctor. Let us a take a look at few such indications.

Here Are The 6 Common Signs That You Are Suffering From Kidney Infection:

1. Changes In Urinary Function

Kidney disease’s primary symptom would be the changes in the urinary functionalities. It can be either the frequency in which you pass urine or it may point to the changes in the amount of urine you pass. Other factors can include frequent challenges of getting up in the night to pass urine and difficulty in passing urine. In most of the cases, the major symptoms would be the presence of blood in the urine followed by a burning sensation when the urine is passed. Seek medical attention immediately as these symptoms should never be ignored.

Changes In Urinary Function

2. Swelling

Kidney’s in functionality is to remove the extra waste discharges from the system. If this process gets restricted, then it leads to accumulation of the discharges. The end result would be abnormal swelling in the body. This can happen anywhere in your body including hands, legs and in the abdomen region. Do not ignore such water build up symptoms and have a health check up in case these occur frequently. Also look for any abnormal pain symptoms in your abdomen or in your kidneys. Usually, such swelling would be associated with bouts of mild pain.


3. Ammonia Breath

This is one of the age old medical practices of determining a weak kidney. Once your kidney does not cooperate with you, it leads to the presence of urea levels in your blood. This is further broken down as ammonia, once it reaches your mouth and saliva. The result is a pungent metallic taste in your mouth – often known as ammonia breath. Also, they make the taste of your food to be different from what you are usually experienced to. Never ignore such symptoms and bad ammonia breaths are an indication that your kidneys are not performing well. Seek medical advice as early as possible in such cases.

Ammonia Breath

4. Back Pain

Unexplained pain in the back region and also among your sides can be an indication that you have a kidney problem. Once the kidney stops functioning properly it can lead to firmness and stiffness in your joints. There can also be a pressure of fluid accumulation and this, in turn, can increase the pain in your lower back and sides. Also, cysts and stone formation can cause severe pain in your lower abdomen and while you pass out urine. Cramps may be felt and do not take these symptoms lightly. Seek medical attention immediately or get diagnosed.

Back Pain

5. Fatigue

Kidney malfunction does not release the waste products from your body. This leads to an increase of the toxic levels and chances are you may experience fatigue spells or restlessness during this episode. You can get tired easily and be exhausted even after a small work. Lack of energy is one of the biggest reasons for it. Also, kidney disorders can make you lose your appetite levels. Hence your intake of food gets reduced and you naturally feel low on energy.


6. Inflammation Of The Skin And Itching

Since waste accumulation happens in your body, it naturally has an impact on your skin. Skin irritation and severe itching sensations are all common occurrences. Your skin can get dry and boils may occur on the surface. Conventional methods of taking care of your skin may not work out in some cases. If you are noticing a sudden spread of rash or itching on a hale and hearty skin, see your doctor immediately. You could be suffering from a kidney ailment.

Inflammation Of The Skin And Itching

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