9 Amazing Remedies For Coronary Artery Disease

9 Amazing Remedies For Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery is indeed known to be one of the most important blood vessels as the heart as the heart directly supplies the blood that is purified or oxygenated to this artery and later the coronary artery actually supplies the blood to the other parts of the body by passing the blood to many of the other small arteries on the whole. The right coronary artery supplies the blood to the right side of the body while the left coronary artery supplies the blood to the left side of the body. Coronary artery disease is something that can cause the damage to this major blood vessels and this can result in various health complications as well. These health issues include plaque, limiting blood flow etc.

Sometimes this disease can show a lot of symptoms such as chest pain, heart attack and some other times, the disease can even unveil no symptoms at all. Though there are high amount of medications available for this disease, it can be complicated and also by taking a note of the symptoms, one can observe that the disease can actually be a lot fatal at times. Hence there’s a lot of necessity for a person to reduce the extent of this disease, else it can also be dangerous at times. In this context, this article features some of the best home remedies that can handle this disease quite well and also strive a lot in reducing the extent of this disease on the whole. Hence it is highly recommended for all the readers after reading this article to take a note of these remedies and follow it in your daily life.

1. Exercise

It is said that exercise can be one of the best available remedies that can handle the extent of this disease quite well and for this all one has to do is to simply maintain proper routine for exercising regularly.[1] Also all the exercises might not be worthy and during the cases of such heart disease it is actually pointless to do some heavy workouts. Therefore one must always make a note of the exercises that are widely enough to promote the cardiovascular health and practice them daily. Exercising can be highly beneficial to reduce this disease as it widely promotes the blood flow, oxygen supply and also gets to manage your sugar and blood pressure levels. Also by maintaining hormonal balance in the body, it can also restore the health of an individual suffering from this disease.


2. Stress

Stress is not at all a good thing especially when you are suffering from your disease. This is actually because of the fact that increase in stress of a person might get to release the cortisol hormone in the body which isn’t something desired at such cases. Increased levels of this hormone might prove to be costly at times because this can create a sort of hormonal imbalance to the body and also sets back the body conditions to handle some of the anti inflammatory properties.[2] Also there can be chronic stress that can be even more harmful at such cases and this is all due to the lifestyle of an individual. Hence must strive quite hard to reduce the levels of stress to the maximum extent and thereby promoting the health of an individual by reducing the extent of this fatal disease

3. Consuming Healthy Foods

There are numerous healthy foods that can assists a lot in providing some of the healthy supplements to the body which are necessary enough to thrash out the growth of this disease. Especially under such cases, it is highly advisable for a person to consume sort of fiber rich food and also foods that are rich in antioxidants. This is due to the fact that antioxidants are widely responsible for the elimination of many of the disease causing germs of the body. Red wine is considered as a healthy supplement to the heart and this has to be taken in moderate amounts for some of the better health benefits.[3] Apart from these one must always consume, some of the healthy fats to promote a healthier heart and also some other vitamin and mineral rich foods are to be taken. On the whole, one must always strive to maintain a balanced diet in this regard.

4. Garlic

Garlic can be considered as one of the best available natural remedies that can handle this disease quite well as it is known to be loaded with full of anti oxidants that are rich in tackling the chest pain and also the extent of plaque. Hence it is highly recommended for a person to include garlic as one of the main ingredient in many of the foods that can reduce the extent of this disease on the whole.[4]

5. Spinach

Spinach has many of the B rich vitamins such as B12 and B 6 that are well known to maintain the heart in a sound health condition.[5] Also it isn’t possible for a person to include spinach as an ingredient in the regular diet and therefore it is highly advised for those suffering from coronary artery disease to consume this healthy leafy vegetable by including in various salads on the whole.


6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes has some high amounts of vitamin A in it that is solely required to maintain the health of a heart in a proper condition and also this vitamin helps in reducing the growth of this disease as well.[6]

7. Strawberries

Strawberries are highly loaded with vitamin C that can be helpful to handle this coronary artery disease.[7]

8. Broccoli

One mustn’t forget that calcium can be considered as one of the vital minerals that can be helpful in building a healthy heart and in this regard broccoli can assist a lot in providing this nutrient to the body.[8]

9. Salmon

It is said since ages past that salmon enhances your heart health and this is all due to the fact that there are some high amounts of B 12 vitamin in it and hence it has also to be included in the regular diet of an individual.[9]


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