5 Yoga Practices To Help In Sinus Congestion And Problems

Sinus congestion and related problems cause immense discomfort and pain. People suffering from such problems often look forward to immediate relief from the pain and trouble. There are a few yoga practices which are known to provide relief from a sinus headache, fatigue, congestion and the overall condition. If you have a chronic sinus congestion problem, you will find these practices really helpful.

Here Are 5 Yoga Practices For Sinus Congestion Relief:

1. Breath Of Fire

Your hand shall be on your navel. Exhale forcefully from your nose again and again. Your belly in this process shall be pumping in and again out. As you will forcefully exhale, it will draw new fresh breath so you do not have to inhale much consciously.[1] You need to speed the pace as a stroke of fire of your breath. This practice is known to help in providing relief from nasal congestion.

Breath Of Fire

2. Rapid Breathing

Rapid breathing which is all about fast inhalation and exhalation helps in getting relief from the congestion and cold from nasal area. Start by sitting in a meditative position. Inhale and then exhale slowly. After 30 seconds you need to do this forcefully. You need to do this at least 10 times which will make one round. At the end of each round you will inhale deeply, retain the breath for some time and exhale slowly. Take some rest with normal breathing and you can start another round. Initially start with three rounds. This is known to provide relief from a headache and sinus related nasal congestion.

Rapid Breathing

3. Nasal Cleansing

You need to start by sitting in Kagasana. You will need a thread for this purpose which is usually a soft cotton one, known as sutraneti. This sutraneti is generally soaked in bee wax for this cleansing practice. Once you have taken the position, you will insert the thread through the nostrils which are a bit active than the other. You need to have at to the back of your throat and then slowly bring it out from the mouth.[2] The movement has to be slow and very gentle. The thread has to be moved backward and then forward in a slow motion. Do this for at least 10 rounds. You can then take the thread out and you can then repeat with your other nostril.

Nasal Cleansing

4. Belly Breathing

Start by lying down on your back. Keep your hands on your belly. Your knees will be bent. Now, breathe deeply into your belly. Keep the focus on belly expansion and then slowly you will draw your breath and all energy to the shoulders, chest, and ribs. You will exhale in the same way as you deflate your belly, shoulders, and chest. Your purpose is to quickly squeeze the air out from your belly. You need to find your own pace. Regular practice of this breathing technique helps in tackling sinus related problems effectively.

Belly Breathing

5. Piercing Breathing Exercise

This is also known as suryabhedi pranayama which meaning piercing the germs causing distress. Start by sitting in a comfortable position. The left nostril has to be closed with the ring or little fingers. You need to slowly inhale with your right nostril without making any kind of sound. Hold your breath for as much duration as you can. Exhale slowly using the left nostril. This will be one round of exercise. You need to do as many rounds as you can. This breathing exercise is known to clear nasal congestion and offer relief from a headache.

Piercing Breathing Exercise

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