5 Yoga Exercises for Stammering

Stuttering or stammering is inability to speak clearly. This condition affects millions of people world wide. Stammering is embarrassing and lowers the confidence of person suffering from it. Stuttering can be caused by emotional stress, or neurological system problem. When stammering is because of neurological problem it is so because the message sent through brain is not in line with the muscles that control speech. When it is because of emotional stress as reason, it is so as adrenaline released during stress situation affects speech sometimes.Thankfully, this condition can be improved with speech therapy and exercises. Lot of people, including celebrities have overcome this hurdle with their firm determination. Yoga postures such as conch shell pose, yoga of awareness, spread legged forward bending pose, head stand, horizontal hardy pose, intense stretching pose, downward facing dog pose and crane pose can help in desensitization which helps in reducing reaction to traumatic experiences, thereby are beneficial for stammering problems.

Here Are The 5 Yoga Exercises For Stammering:

1. Easy Conch Shell Pose

It is also known as Sahaj Shankh Mudra. To practice this pose, sit on your heels. Now, interlink fingers of both the hands. Put the thumbs on index finger and press gently. This yoga posture is beneficial in stammering and other diseases related to throat.


2. Yoga Of Awareness

It is also called as Kundalini Yoga. A study conducted on stroke patients illustrated potential benefits of this yoga on speech impairment. It also demonstrated the need to study its effect on other speech disorders such as stammering and speech impediment. Kundalini yoga has been found to benefit many other health disorders also. Learn yoga of awareness from a certified yoga teacher to benefit in stuttering.


3. Lion Pose

It is also called as Simhasana. Doing this, one resembles like a roaring lion. Start in child’s pose, that is done by sitting on your heels and extend your arms and hand. Now press forward and roar like a lion. This yoga pose is beneficial in overcoming stutters and voice related problems.


4. Victorious breathing

Victorious breathing or Ujjayi is a breathing technique frequently used in Yoga. Practicing Ujjayi ten times is quite beneficial in stammering and throad related disorders.To practice Ujjayi breathing, you have to partially close your glottis-it is the part of throat that closes when you swallow but is open while breathing. This type of breathing creates whispering sound and is loud enough so that you can hear it. This breathing has calming effect on nervous system.


5. Brahma gesture

It is also known as Brahma mudra. This pose is beneficial for throat related problems including stammering and stuttering.To practice Brahma gesture, sit in cross legged position on a mat. Put your hands on your knees with index finger touching the thumb. Now turn your neck to right side for 5 seconds. Now turn it to other side and hold for 5 seconds. Bring your neck to original position now. Thereafter raise your chin up and hold it there for 5 seconds. After that bring your chin down and hold there for 5 seconds.Come to original position.


Various yoga poses along with loads of patience and practice can help overcome difficulties in clear communication hampered by stammering or stuttering. Practicing with speech therapist and doing exercises can help a lot in reducing the problem.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.