8 Best Exercises For People With Desk Jobs

A large number of people today spend more time in the office than at home. Sitting on the desk for long hours makes a person inactive. It is possible to stay healthy and fit by doing regular exercise and being active. Get up from the desk at regular intervals and do easy exercises in the office. Learn some desk exercises that you can do while sitting. We will explain some easy exercises for doing in the office.

Following Are 8 Best Exercises For People With Desk Jobs:

1. Stand At Frequent Intervals

Sitting on the desk for a long time can cause problems. To avoid this problem, you should stand at frequent intervals. Get up from the desk and stand for five minutes at every half an hour. Do this continuously throughout the day.


2. Do Stretching

Stretching can be done in the office to stay fit and healthy. Do neck stretching by taking the ear towards the shoulders and maintaining the stretch. Stretch the chest by taking the arms backwards behind the body. Hold the door with both hands and stretch the chest. Stretch the back by doing extensions. For this, place hands on hips and bend the body backwards.


3. Do Walking

Walking is another easy exercise that you can do in the office. Set up an alarm in your mobile phone and get up do walking at regular intervals throughout the day. Walk in the hallway of your office. It will increase the blood circulation in the body.


4. Climb Stairs

If you have stairs at the office, take advantage of that. Take a break from your work and climb the stairs up and down several times. Increase the speed of climbing by moving fast. For an increased effectiveness, climb two stairs or steps together instead of just using one stairs.


5. Do Shoulder Shrug

Remove the stiffness in your shoulders by doing the shrug movement. For this, stand straight with the back straight. Lift the shoulders upwards and take them towards the ear to do a shrug movement. After that, lower the shoulders by bring them down to the starting position. This completes one shrug movement. Do the movement thirty times.


6. Do Bottom Line Lifters Exercise

Bottom line lifters exercises are meant for the legs. Stand and keep the chair to one side of the body. Lift one leg and do sideways movement by taking the leg to sides in an up and down motion just as you do rocking. Do this several times. You can do rotation exercise also in this position. For this, stand straight with the chair kept at the side of the body. Hold the chair with hands and take one leg backwards behind you. Rotate the leg in a circular direction in clockwise as well as anticlockwise directions. Do this twenty five times with both legs.


7. Do Wooden Leg Exercise

Wooden leg exercise helps in making the muscles of legs and lower body active and strong. For this, you should sit comfortable on the chair. Lift one leg upwards from the floor to extend it forward. Maintain the position by holding for few seconds. Lift the leg upwards to the maximum. Hold and return to starting position. Do the movement fifteen times.


8. Do Stationary Jogging

Jogging is a very good exercise and you don’t have to go outdoors to do it. Do a stationary jogging at one place only. For this, stand at one place and start jogging while standing only without moving forward. Lift the knees upwards towards the chest while doing the jogging. Do this at frequent intervals by stopping the work and jogging at one place.

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