5 Natural Ways To Reduce That Paunch

A paunch or protruding belly is increasingly becoming common courtesy our not-so-healthy lifestyle. This is the fat which gets accumulated on the midriff region. It gets accumulated fast but is hard to get rid off. Not only it looks disgusting giving our bodies aged appearance it is also an indicator of bad health. People undergo all sorts of surgeries and other unhealthy ways to get rid of belly fat which comes with their own risks. However, it might seem lucrative to get rid of belly fat fast and forever, natural ways of reducing belly fat are much more safer and better in long run.

Here Are The 5 Natural Ways To Reduce That Paunch:

1. Exercise

Exercise is definitely important as inactive people tend to gather more fat around their bellies. Exercise helps to shed those extra pounds around your waist and help getting flat stomach. You can try out running, jogging, swimming to tone up your body and if pressed for time do stomach crunches, oblique crunches, side planks at least for 10 minutes in a day. These exercises help tone the muscles in stomach area and get flatter stomach. (1)


2. Diet Planning

Diet management is definitely a very important part of any fat loss plan. Eat several times in a day and eat healthy and wholesome is probably something you must have heard before for fat loss. For loosing abdominal fat though, diet rich in MUFA or monounsaturated fatty acids is quite beneficial as proven by a study in subjects having  abdominal fat. So choose a diet rich in MUFA’s. Mono unsaturated fatty acids or MUFA’s are abundant in oil like canola, safflower, sesame, soyabean, sunflower, olive and peanuts. They are also found in good amount in avocado, olives, various nuts and seeds and also dark chocolate! Not only these food are rich in stomach flattening MUFA’s but are also packed with host of other nutrients. (2)


3. Re-Hydrate Your Body

Along with exercise routine and a proper diet plan, drinking lots of cold water can help getting rid of belly fat. Continuous sipping of more than one gallon of cold water each day helps getting flat stomach faster. People on diuretics and kidney problems should consult their doctors before adapting this approach. (3)


4. Control Daily Stress

Ever seen those corporate people with high flying career with equally high bellies? Well, yes, stress can be a major reason for belly fat. It is because that high stress level can increase cortisol and insulin level which can lead to increased belly fat stores. To cut down stomach fat fast, cut down your stress too. Techniques such as time management, imagery, breathing exercises and good quality sleep can help keeping stress levels in check. (4)


5. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. And many studies reveal that calories generated by alcohol goes in the stomach and gets deposited as belly fat. Belly fat is not called beer belly for no reason! So, if a person takes 3 drinks a day, he/she adds approx 400 gm of fat to the diet. Also, alcohol drinking makes people hungrier. So, if possible cut down your alcohol intake as much as possible. If not, at least try drinking in moderation. A small amount of alcohol, 14 gm for women (1 drink a day) and 28 gm for men (2 drinks a day) was actually found to lower incidence of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. (5)


Incorporate these tips in your lifestyle and get rid of belly fat, naturally!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.