5 Tips For Reducing Pain In Muscles After Exercise

Physical exercise is very important for improving health and staying fit. People are realizing this fact and so they are taking up regular exercise in their daily life. Some people do workouts at the gym while some like to do exercise at home or outdoors. However, it can also cause some problems. There can be an intense pain in the muscles after doing exercise. This is a problem of muscles soreness. The pain is so severe that lifting arms and walking becomes difficult. Athletes and people who play sports also encounter such problems due to a strain on the muscles. Many types of treatments and remedies are available for dealing with post-exercise pain. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The 5 Tips For Reducing Pain In Muscles After Exercise:

1. Take Rest

The best way to fight pain after exercises is to rest the body for some time so that muscles heal.[1] Do light exercises that don’t cause strain after a hard day at the gym and the next day, take a break by resting. It will help in recovering from muscle strain.

Take Rest

2. Drink Cherry Juice

It is possible to fight soreness and reduce pain by drinking cherry juice.[2] Take the juice after doing exercises. Cherry contains high amounts of antioxidants that help in decreasing inflammation. Choose juice made of tart cherries for best results.

Drink Cherry Juice

3. Apply Heat

If there is body pain even after two days of exercises, do heat treatment. Apply heat with the help of towel. Dip a towel in hot water, squeeze and apply on painful areas.[3] Also, you can apply heat with the help of a heating pad. This will help in increasing blood circulation and reducing pain.

Apply Heat

4. Apply Ice Pack

Ice treatment helps in reducing body pain after doing hard exercises. It heals the damaged muscles faster while stopping further damage to the muscles.[4] For this, you should fill crushed ice in a plastic bag and cover it with a cloth or towel. Apply the ice pack on the painful parts of the body for getting relief.

Apply Ice Pack

5. Do Massage

Massage therapy helps in reducing pain after doing exercise.[5] It increases the blood circulation in the body while improving motion in the joints. Do the massage very gently by applying very less pressure on the body. Get the massage done by someone or take a professional massage treatment. It is helpful to do Swedish massage.

Do Massage

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