10 Moves For A Flat Belly


flat belly

Obesity is a very big health challenge with a risk of diseases. The problem is more serious if the fat is deposited on the stomach region. Abdominal fat increases the risk of many diseases including diabetes and heart problems. Women who have a big belly are not able to wear skinny dresses. Belly fat also spoils the body shape making you look bloated and obese. Exercise is the best way to fight this problem. It can reduce the abdominal fat giving you a lean and slim figure. You can wear slim dresses when you have a thin belly. We will explain some easy exercises for getting a slim belly.

Following Are The Top 10 Moves For A Stronger And Flatter Belly

Arm Lifts

Lie down on the back on the floor or bed with hands at the side of body. Raise both legs together upwards from the floor. Lift the head along with this and watching the toes with eyes. Lift the arms above the body and thighs. Lift the arms upwards and bring it downwards. Repeat ten times. Do 2-5 sets of this movement.

arm lift

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunch exercise is done by lying on the back on the floor or bed. Bend the knees and lift it upwards in a folded position. Hold the head with the handed folded from elbows. Lift the head upwards with hands resting on it. Along with this, lift the legs upwards with the knees bended. Do pedaling movement with the legs just like riding a bicycle. Alternate the movement with two legs.

bicycle crunch

Wall Push Up

Wall push up movement is done while standing near a wall. Lean on a wall at a distance of three feet resting the palms flat on it. Do a standing push up movement by taking the chest to the wall. When you do this, the elbows should be bent. Straighten the arms and return to starting position. Do the pushup movement ten times.

wall pushup

Hundred Leg Lift

The hundred leg lift exercise is easy to do. Lie on floor or bed on the back. Keep the hands at side of the body. Lift both legs together straight upwards. Lift the arms upwards with an inhaling breath. Bring the arms down while exhaling. Return to starting position. Repeat the movement several times.

leg lift

Bear Crawl

Bear crawl is an easy exercise for reducing belly fat. Lie down on stomach and lift the body on knees just as a bear is standing on four legs. Do this position with legs and hands on the floor. Start moving ahead with a crawling movement. The back should be straight. Do the crawling movement 20 times. Do total three sets.

bear crawl

Forearm Plank

For doing the forearm plank movement, you need to lie down on the stomach. Keep the forearms on floor and lift the body upwards in a plank position. Place elbows below the shoulder. Lift the feet upwards and let the toe touch the floor. Squeeze the abdominal muscles, hold and return to starting position. Repeat the movement several times.


Single Leg Circle

Single leg circle movement is done by lying on the back. Keep the arms on side of the body. Lift one leg upwards straight to a ninety degree angle. Rotate the leg to make circles in the open. Take the leg to side, down and up again making a round circle. Make 5 circles in clockwise direction and 5 circles in anticlockwise direction. Repeat the circles with the opposite leg.

leg circle

Hip Lifts

Hip lift exercise is done by lifting the hips to form a bridge like shape. Rest the back on floor or bed in a lying down position. Keep the arms at side. Bend and lift the knees upwards. Keep the toes in a lifted position. Lift the hips upwards from floor. Wait for few seconds and take the hips back downwards. Repeat 12 times. Do total 2 sets.

hip lift

Bridge Leg Sweeping

Bridge leg sweeping movement is similar to the previous exercise with the only difference that you have to sweep the leg upwards when you are doing the bridge movement. Maintain a bridge movement by lying on back, folding the knees and lifting the hips upwards. Lift one leg upwards and do sweeping movement by taking the leg to opposite side. Sweep ten times total. Return to starting position and do the movement with the opposite leg.

bridge leg

Alternating Sit Up

You can do the alternating sit up movement by lying on the back and bending the elbows and knees both. Hold the head with hands keeping it bent from the elbows. Let the feet rest on floor flat. Do a sit up movement. When you are sitting, rotate the shoulder towards the side of body. Let the elbow of one hand touch the opposite knee. Come back to original position. Repeat with opposite side. Do the movement several times.

sit up

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.