5 Natural Treatments For Teeth Whitening

White teeth add a special touch to your beautiful face. But try as we might, none of us get white teeth that we so want to flaunt. We brush twice every day and make sure that we follow all the correct dental practices.But it is the food that we eat that yellows and stains our teeth. Staining beverages like tea and coffee are taken frequently throughout the day which causes our teeth to turn brownish day after day.

Teeth Whitening

How do you remove stains from the teeth and make it whiter? Is whitening the only option? The answer is a big no. Teeth whitening and stain removal is something that can be done at home as well. All you need to know is the right natural materials that can be used for whitening your teeth. Here are some sure ways to achieve whiter teeth.

5  Ways To Get Whiter Teeth


Strawberries are supposed to soften tartar formation in the teeth and leave them white and clean. Take strawberries and mash them along with the seeds. This will form a coarse paste which can scrub your teeth and remove all the stubborn dirt and food particles as well, leaving it entirely white and beautiful. But remember not to use strawberry on a regular basis as it is acidic and cause erosion of enamel.



Salt is a cleansing agent and antibacterial as well. Using salt along with your toothpaste will help in leaving the teeth clean and white by removing the germs and food particles due to its slightly abrasive quality. Use salt everyday to keep your teeth clean and white.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide being a bleaching agent can help in whitening the teeth as well. Take hydrogen peroxide and mix it with equal amounts of water. First fill your mouth with this water and using a toothbrush brush your teeth by keeping the mouth closed. Spit out the peroxide and use the rest of the solution for rinsing and swishing your mouth. After two weeks of doing this, your teeth will become white and very clean.

Hydrogen peroxide

Bay Leaf and Orange Peel

Take some bay leaves and crush it. Take some orange peel and add to it to form a paste. Use this for brushing your teeth. Brush for about 5 minutes using a toothbrush and rinse off thoroughly with water. Use this method for whitening when it is absolutely necessary. Daily use of these natural methods can damage the enamel and teeth and hence not recommended.

Bay Leaf and orange Peel


Raw carrots can be grated and rubbed on the teeth for cleaning. Though carrot does not particularly have any special ingredient that can make the teeth whiter, its rough texture is what causes the plaque and food particles to be scrubbed off the teeth and make it whiter and more appealing.

As carrots are very safe on the teeth, this can be done on a daily basis to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. You can use a strawberry or lemon for whitening the teeth and use carrot for maintaining the whiteness which is a better way of going about the whole whitening process.

Raw carrots

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.