5 Natural Cures For Meningitis


Meningitis is mainly viral or bacterial; it is a swelling of the spinal cord and lining around the brain. The bacterial form of meningitis is very hazardous. Various bacteria are responsible for this disease, but main among these is meningococcal bacteria. These germs can create septicaemia and can occur with or without meningitis. The meningitis caused by a virus is not life threatening, but can create severe condition, which occurs mainly in the case of children. In the case of virus, septicaemia does not occur. There are different home remedies available for meningitis and those are discussed below.

Best Natural Cures For Meningitis

1. Complete Bed Rest

The first treatment of meningitis should start by putting the patient in a complete bed rest, as the rest provides relief and promotes healing of the symptoms like headache. The pain of the patient will be reduced by putting her/him in a complete bed rest. And in the next stage, the patient can pass the time by reading books, watching videos, and listening to music.

2. Say NO To Liquid food

For the first few days of treatment, the patient should be given the juice of ORS (oral re-hydration salts). It should be mixed with lukewarm water for the consumption. After that, the patient should be given fruit juice; this is very helpful for promoting body resistance, providing energy and increasing urinary output. It is also very much required for preventing dehydration.

3. Use Ice Pack

The body temperature of the meningitis patient remains very high due to fever. So, cold packs should be applied to the body if the body temperature is above 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

For this, you have to take a big square piece of linen material and wrap it around the body of the patient after submerging the material in water and now cover it with a small blanket. You have to do this at a gap of three hours throughout the day.

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4. Neutral Immersion Bath

For the brain and spinal cord diseases such as meningitis, the patient should take a neutral immersion bath as it is very beneficial in curing this kind of disease. This bath should be taken 25 minutes before going to bed at night. The temperature of the water should be around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Before going to the bath, a wet cold cloth should be applied to the forehead and head. The blood circulation becomes normal due to this bath, and the amount of extra blood gets reduced in the brain and spinal cord.

5. Chlorella

It is a small plant that contains more quantity of chlorophyll, which carries oxygen around the blood and prepares the red blood cell count. The blood streams will be purified and cleaned by this process. More than 20 vitamins and minerals are available in chlorophyll, and all are in highly bio-available form.

The vitamins and minerals that are found in Chlorella can be easily absorbed and digested completely unlike the synthetically produced supplements. For the recovery of the meningitis, it is used as a supernatural remedy. It is the best home remedy for the meningitis.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.